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Bobby Jindal

A look at the top candidates to be selected as the GOP vice-presidential running-mate in 2012.

Rachel Entwistle and Daughter Lillian Rose

Every crime has a victim who suffers some harm at the hands of the offender. This is just a handful of some of those victims who had their lives stolen forever.

Charlie Manson and The Family

As Manson's followers grew so did Manson's need to control. He managed to convince seveal members of The Family that he was Jesus Christ and to follow his teachings meant salvation.

Story Of Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey is a singer and songwriter who first gained fame performing as Holly Brook on Fort Minor's hit

Publisher of Kids Books From Other Countries

Kane/Miller is a children's book publisher that specializes in children's picture books that originated in other countries. Introduce your child to books from around the world, and s/he'll learn about life in other countries, as well as how much we all have in common.

How to Build a 3D Model Police Car

Building a 3-D model of a police car is an activity you can do with computer aided design (CAD) programs. These programs have tools for building simple 3-D objects called primitives

Built for Sex

See the mattress built with one thing in mind... and it's no sleeping!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Billie urges Nick to tell what he knows about Ford Decker. Dean Lochlan threatens Billie and Nick's jobs if they're involved in a cover-up. Max encourages Stephanie to vote with her sorority sisters. Chelsea pleads her case to the girls. The sorority girls vote to stay silent. Billie alert

Robert Downey Jr.

This Robert Downey Jr. mugshot was taken after his 1996 arrest.

Chanell K. Bates

Bates was charged with fraudulantly obtaining workers' compensation checks intended for healthcare providers.

Yosvanis Valle

The last words of executed death row inmate Yosvanis Valle.