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California FAFSA Requirements

The U.S. Department of Education uses its Free Application for Federal Student Aid, most commonly known as the FAFSA, as its yardstick to determine a college student's eligibility for federal financial aid programs, such as aids, subsidized loans and work-study eligibility. The California Student Ai

How to Find a Lost Pension Provider

It's not unusual for a worker to lose track of his pension benefits. After several decades in the workforce, perhaps at several different jobs, a retiree can overlook a vested pension or misplace contact information for an old pension plan. Companies move or go out of business, making it difficult t

How to Open a Joint Checking Account Online

With a joint checking account, each person can perform banking activities such as withdrawing money, writing checks and transferring money to another account. While it is easy to open a joint checking account online, take into consideration that it is a serious responsibility for both names on the a

Get Rid Of Financial Stress – Make Money Online With Blog

Here is a quick story, based on real experience, taken from It is for those who do not think financial freedom is not very important. A young self-employed web designer once asked about financial ...

Benefits of an IRA Account

Wealth accumulates in IRAs over time.Success & Wealth image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.comSaving money for retirement can allow you to enjoy a better quality of life after your productive working years. An individual retirement account (IRA) is one tool for saving money for retirement...

Video: How Poets Can Make Money

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Ash Cash from So, how can poets make money? This is an important question and I want you to realize that any formal art is also a business. So in order for a poet to make money you have to treat it like a business. There's tons of money...

How to Calculate Total Interest

No matter what kind of loan, or what the rate is, interest adds to the overall cost of your loan. The interest rate you pay and whether your lender uses the declining balance or add on method to calculate total interest determines how much you will need to repay each month. While federal regulations


There are two primary types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)--Roth and traditional IRAs. Each offers its own unique tax benefits. Both provide the power of tax-deferred growth, which means earnings--such as capital gains and dividends--on your contributions are not taxed yearly...

Income Restrictions on Roth IRA

The after-tax savings benefits of Roth IRAs appeal to many taxpayers, but not all qualify to contribute. The Roth IRA income restrictions only impact your ability to contribute for the current year; just because you do not qualify for the current year does not impair your ability to contribute the f

Salary of an Anesthesiologist During Residency

As you follow a career path toward becoming an anesthesiologist, graduation from medical school marks more than one milestone. It means you are two thirds of the way there, it means you can start training that focuses mainly on your career field and it means you will finally start getting a paycheck

Understanding Return on Equity

Return on Equity is a profitability ratio used by analysts and investors to gauge the performance of management and the future value of a company. By comparing net income to average shareholders' equity, ROE tells common shareholders how effectively a company is spending its money. Comparing ROE to

Steps to Open an Estate Checking Account in North Carolina

North Carolina probate law requires an estate executor to open an estate account to value, marshal and distribute all assets of a deceased person's estate. Marshaling involves gathering all the assets including bank, brokerage and insurance assets. The executor is responsible for paying estate debts

Can I File Chapter 7 on Private Student Loans?

When most young people borrow money for college, they do not envision the possibility of not being able to repay their loans. Nonetheless, people sometimes find themselves in difficult financial situations driving them toward drastic action. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a serious decision that

Scholarships for Low Vision

Low vision scholarships offer assistance to this special category of students wishing to pursue higher education. These scholarships are for the full spectrum of students with various degrees of visual impairment, including children, high school, college undergraduate and graduate students. The orga

What Are Takeover Stocks?

A stock becomes a takeover target when one company desires to buy another, for a variety of reasons. There can be private or public companies on either side of the transaction, which can be executed under several different circumstances. For a public company, once word gets out about a possible tran

Types of Sentry Safe Keys

The Sentry Safe Group manufactures safes that unlock through keys, combination locks or a combination of both. Each Sentry safe that operates with keys comes with one set of two keys, and additional or replacement keys can be ordered online, through mail or by telephone. Sentry keys are cut by code

Can I Move Out of the City When I Am Taking Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefits allow workers who lose their jobs and meet eligibility requirements to receive compensation that helps pay for their basic needs. Each state runs its own unemployment insurance program using money from payroll taxes. However, the local nature of unemployment benefits doesn't me

Teach Your Kids to Avoid Debt Settlement

Often, people end up in debt because they haven't been given the financial lessons necessary to avoid being in debt. Don't leave the same legacy to your children. Instead, teach them how they can avoid ...

Common Mistakes Made While Choosing Insurance

Insurance is a common investment that each one of us makes at some point in our life. It's an investment which we should make keeping all factors in consideration. It is that plan which will ...

Yearly IRA Contribution Limits

If you want to invest money for retirement outside of an employer-sponsored plan, opening a Roth individual retirement account (IRA) or traditional IRA is a smart move. Both types of accounts offer potentially significant tax savings, as long as you follow Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules regard