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The Macaw Parrot and Their Magnificence

Introducing you to the world of the Macaw parrot and their magnificence and what is happening to them in the Amazon Rainforest. Also why they are great feathered companion to live with.

Homemade Bird Incubator

Whether you or your child are curious about having a bird egg incubator, you can make your own at home with a few simple materials. Homemade bird egg incubators have long been a favorite science fair project, and there are many variations available. A quick trip the hardware store or home improveme

Quail Bird Information

Quails are often hunted for their meat and eggs. Quail feathers are also used by humans for various crafts, jewelry and quills. At least 20 types of quails exist, which differ in habitat, appearance and behavior.

African Gray Parrot Mating Behavior

The African gray parrot is a medium-sized parrot with a body length of up to 1 foot and a wingspan of up to 2 feet. Covered in dust-colored gray feathers, the only exception to the gray is a bit of white masking around the eyes and a vibrant red-feathered tail. The African gray hails from wooded are

How to Build a Chicken Roost or Roosting Rod

The best way to understand a chicken roost or chicken roosting rod, is to remember that most birds roost in trees. This image is a perfect example of a bird naturally roosting in a tree. They do it to protect themselves from predators while they sleep.

What Do Yellow Finches Eat?

The yellow finch, or saffron finch, is a type of European goldfinch that is found throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as everywhere in the United States. Finches consume a seed-based diet that varies with the season and availability of food.

Great Macaws Are Not Born, They Are Made

All Macaw parrots have the potential to be great birds. The all important socialization begins with the breeders. However once sold the end result rests in the hands of the birds owner. Fail to continue the socialization process and the bird will never reach its potential.

Do it Yourself Outdoor Parakeet Cage

Parakeets, otherwise known as budgies, are small birds related to parrots that are renowned for their singing and their tame and gentle nature. Caring for your parakeet can be a lot of fun and highly rewarding. It's important to decide what kind of outdoor cage is best. Though not happy outdoors ove

How to Make Blue Birdhouses

Bluebirds are cavity nesters, raising their young in natural tree cavities and abandoned woodpecker holes. When natural nesting sites are hard to find, bluebirds might move into a wooden birdhouse that meets their requirements. Making a bluebird house is an inexpensive woodworking project requirin

"Suzu", owned by @sneakyzombie

Photo gallery dedicated to the real birds of Twitter. Add your bird's photo to the gallery by tweeting it to @AboutPetBirds!

How to Buy a Bird Atrium

Now that you've added fine-feathered friends to your family, you need to find the perfect home for your birds. Atriums come in all shapes and sizes and are lovely additions to all-season porches and solariums. Here's what you need to know to make the right choices.

Why Birds Don't Need Rudders

Well, as a pilot myself I have a fascination for anything that flies whether imagined or actual. Therefore, I have no problem sitting in a park and watching birds fly by putting on a private air show going about their business and doing their thing. They seem to enjoy flying sideways, and their mane

Cockatiel Food Requirements

Many people assume that a cockatiel only needs a seed mix for a proper diet. Adding fruits, vegetables and grains will give the bird the best nutrition and perhaps double its lifespan. If the bird is accustomed to a seed diet, it may not easily accept a change in the menu. Continue...

Wild Bird Feeders - 1

It is a great feeling to see wild birds feeding in your backyard. If you are an avid bird watcher and lover, you must have had experienced problems finding the perfect wild bird feeder to keep feeding the birds without causing them any harm or fearing them away.

Choose an Acrylic Bird Cage

Acrylic bird cages can be mass produced or custom made. They can be found at local pet stores or large chains such as PetsMart or PetCo. They are also available at department stores, such as Wal-Mart. At times, acrylic bird cages can even be found at discount stores, such as Family Dollar or Dollar


Ever heard someone talk about "toweling" their bird? Find out all about toweling a bird here, including reasons why it is done and how the technique can help you care for your pet bird.