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3 Keys to Choosing a Ferret Home

There are three simple keys to choosing a ferret home you should take note of if you want a better life with your ferret. If you ignore some of these tips, you are putting your ferret in danger.

Moisture For Mealworms

This article will discuss providing moisture for meal worms. It will be useful for reptile owners who would like to raise their own feeder insects.

Bearded Dragon Care - Cleaning Your Bearded Dragon Habitat

To ensure proper bearded dragon care, it's important to make sure you clean their habitats. It's vital that you clean the habitat everyday. Bearded dragons typically produce waste once a day and that includes urine.

How to Choose and Set Up a Ferret Home

Taking care of a ferret can be very rewarding, but it can be scary if you don't know how. Learn how to correctly set up your ferret home to keep your friend safe and happy.

What Do Pet Rabbits Eat? 6 Great Tips to Keep Them Healthy

If you just acquired your first pet rabbit, one of the most important question to get answers to is to know what do pet rabbits eat. There are so many different kinds of rabbit food in the pet stores that you are probably puzzled about what to buy. These are 6 essentials things to provide your rabbi

Your New Ferret - Finding the Best Ferret Diet

In the last fifty years or more... as the ferret has gained popularity as a pet... owners have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the food choices for them. Nothing is available, it seems, that meets all of their nutritional requirements.

Baby Bunnies That Just Fade Away

What are 'Faders'? I can hear you all asking, so now I will attempt to describe them to you from my own experience. As the name implies, a bunny which is a 'Fader' literally just fades away to nothing until it has no energy left at all and dies.

Top Reasons Behind Common Ferret Health Problems

It is welcoming to note that many experts do spend time and effort to study more about ferret health problems. The existence of these illnesses is a concern among owners for they simply want to take care of their pets. While vaccinations and surgical procedures can be performed nowadays, it is still

Problematic Snake Feeding

Unfortunately, feeding any snake is not always as simple as putting a mouse in the tank to find it gone the next morning.Occasionally the snake will refuse to feed and it may be tricky to get going again.There are all sorts of feeding hints and tips; however there is always a reason why a snake is n

Bonomo Chimp Using Computer to Talk with Humans

In Illinois, a research facility has perfected a way of communicating with Bonomo Chimps and has been using this machine for 7-years now. The primates use the machine to talk to humans and have no problem using the 350 word machine, each with its own button to communicate. Many people are amazed at

Ferret Care Information - Tips to Help You With Your New Pet

If you're giving consideration to buying a ferret for a pet, you've surely got a lot of questions. The first one for any new owner is: What is a ferret? This brings us to the first piece of ferret care information. A ferret is an exotic animal and a member of the mustelid family which mean

Raising A Kangaroo: Know What They Eat

Raising a kangaroo is something a lot of people want to do but this entails a huge amount of responsibility since the type of animal that's involved is an exotic one. Exotic animals are unique. Therefore, the way they need to be taken care of is also quite unique or different from what is done

Why Our Chinchillas Need a Metal Cage

This most appealing of small rodents can make a wonderful pet as long as the new owner understands and appreciates a few chinchilla facts, which must be taken into consideration if deciding to have one. Read on to learn more...

Basic Supplies for a Bearded Dragon Lizard

As one of the more popular lizard breeds taken in as pets, the bearded dragon lizard is actually quite easy to look after. They require minimum fuss and maintenance except for the staple care and supplies of the general reptile breed as a whole.

Nursing a Sick Rat

We all hope it doesn't happen, but no matter how much of a good rat owner you are, there will be a time when you find yourself nursing a sick rat. Here are some tips to help you learn how to nurse your rat back to top health.

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side - Taking Care of Exotic Pets

Taking care of exotic pets is one of the biggest temptations for anyone, especially if you have the money to burn. But having an amazing looking pet that you can brag about to your friends isn't all that. It entails a lot of responsibility and sometimes owners just have to deal with the fact th

Tips on How to Control Ferret Diarrhea

Ferrets are very active, agile and exploratory by nature and are awake for a maximum of seven or eight hours in a day. They are extremely boisterous and active while they are awake. During their waking hours they are liable to be mischievous and tend to chew up and swallow anything they find like ru

Baby Ferrets Are Known As Kits and Need Special Care!

So you've bought your Ferret, it's been to the Vet, had the 'once over' and the necessary inoculations and it's old enough to be taken home, but have you 'Ferret proofed' your house or at least, the areas in which your young Ferret will live? A young Ferret, or a K