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Proper Substrate for a Saltwater Aquarium

When buying saltwater fish, it's important to understand that the setup, care and maintenance of saltwater fish is much more involved than with typical fresh water fish, such as a goldfish or guppy. Saltwater fish require very specific, stable environments to survive. One important aspect of providi

African Cichlid Compatibility

African cichlids are tropical freshwater fish found in the sediment-filled waters of African lakes such as Tanganyika, Malawi and Victoria. They are a popular aquarium fish because of their fascinating characteristics and bright coloration. However, African cichlids are very aggressive in nature, an

How to Culture Daphnia

Daphnia are small, freshwater crustaceans found in most ponds and lakes. They are a favorite live food of tropical and saltwater aquarium fish. The two most common species, D. pulex and D. magna, are what we will be culturing to feed our fish. I have had some success doing this, and I'll share th

DIY Holding Tank for Fish

Holding tanks are a crucial part of the serious fish keeper's set-up. They provide a place for new fish to be quarantined and sick fish to recuperate, and they also offer a safe place to temporarily house other stock or fry while their permanent tanks are being cleaned, moved or reorganized. A good

The Benefits of Using LED Aquarium Lighting

Aquariums have remained highly popular in a lot of homes since keeping fish and other aquatic animals are fairly easy to maintain, as compared with having house pets such as dogs or cats. Avid aquarium hobbyists make sure that their fish are kept in excellent condition by keeping their fish tanks eq

Setting Up Trusts for Grandchildren

A lot of grandparents with significant assets want to give something to their grandchildren to help them with their future, but recognize that the children are not prepared for the responsibility of owning the property directly. A trust is an excellent way to provide for grandkids, while ensuring th

How to Tell Male Bettas From Female Bettas

Betta splendens, the Siamese fighting fish, are gorgeous and interesting fish. They're easy to keep and they have very individual personalities, and so they are extremely popular as pets. Male bettas are usually the more beautiful and the ones more often sold in pet stores. As the fish has gained po

How to Make 10-Gallon Tank Divider

Some fish just can't be kept together, but setting up individual tanks can be expensive. Perhaps you need to separate the sexes to prevent breeding, separate parents from babies to prevent cannibalism or maybe you're just housing fish that will attack one another, such as betta fish. Using tank divi

How to Kill Ich in a Fresh Water Fish Tank

Ichthyophthirius multifilis, or Ich, is a parasitic infection that affects aquarium and pond fish. It is also known as white spot disease, because it causes white dots all over the body of an infected fish. Ich can infect cold water and tropical freshwater fish, and can infect fish tanks through the

Breeding Koi and What You Should Know

Breeding Koi can be a great thing to do and its amazing to see your Koi develop, but when it comes to breeding Koi there are a few things you need to know.You may already know but it is important to say that the best months of the year for breeding Koi are from the months of April all the way up to

Aquarium Supplies

Fish are the most common pet owned in US households by recent studies, and this is not surprising, given the ease of maintenance of most common fish, and well as the broad range of species and aquarium supplies which make owning pet fish a very personalized hobby. Most adults today can list many nam

Discus Fish Care & Feeding

Discus fish are common pets in home aquariums. Discus fish care and feeding is easy if you know some basic guidelines. To keep discus fish you must prepare their food, keep discus-compatible fish in the tank, provide a suitable habitat, purchase a filter and know about common discus health issues.

Tips On Setting Up Your Cichlid Aquarium

It is not very difficult setting up a cichlid aquarium. This can be done by yourself with ease if you know how to go about the process. The most important aspect is to choose the right sized aquarium for your cichlids.

Tips on Rasbora - Care and Spawning

Rasboras have a docile temperament. They make a good choice for a community tank provided their tank-mates are equally peace loving and not large enough to view them as a source of nutrition. Rasboras are shoaling fish. Shoaling fish are highly social creatures that function best as a community. The

Avoiding Fish War - Tips on Choosing Your Aquarium Fishes

What more can give life to your aquarium but the fishes inside it? The aquarium's interior design is not the only thing that counts but also those pretty living creatures swimming back and forth have something to say.

Selecting a Power Filter For Your Fish Tank

Most beginners to fish breeding will look for a system that is easy to use and maintain, reliable and convenient especially if this was their first fish tank. And all while keeping their cost to the barest minimum. This article will try to address these issues by focusing on Ole Faithful...The Power

Dumped Goldfish Are Becoming An Invasive Species

When pet goldfish owners have to move or get rid of their goldfish for some reason, they may dump them in a nearby lake or pond. They don't realize the problems this is causing.

How to Construct an Undergravel Filter

A filter is essential to keeping your aquarium healthy, but most can be unsightly and some can even pose a risk to fish, who can get stuck behind them. Under-gravel filters are becoming more and more popular, due to their tidy look and how easy they are to make at home. With just a few materials and

Goldfish Care 101

Goldfish can live for more than a decade and the largest goldfish was known to have measured about 19 inches long. This should tell you that these fish do not have a short life span as we assume. With proper care, you could help your goldfish enjoy its life to the fullest.