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How to Groom Show Calves

Showing calves may not seem like a difficult task, but it's actually an extensive, involved process that often takes months of time and dedication. Calves are most often shown as market animals, although a few breeds, such as longhorns, are exhibited and evaluated on how closely they match the ideal

Ideas for Building a 60' Round Pen

The round pen or round corral is a valuable horse training tool. The 60' diameter round pen is a perfect size for free longeing and beginning riding at the walk and trot. If you have only one round pen, 60' is the best size to have.Metal Pipe Panels Round PenThe most common portable round...

Definition of Pace

Learn the definition of pace. What is a pace and what breeds of horses pace?

How to Dry Wet Cut Hay in the Field

When you cut hay, it has a high moisture content that must be reduced before you can bale and store it. If hay is baled and stored when it is wet, it is likely to get moldy, making it useless as animal feed. Wet hay can also heat up and cause spontaneous combustion, burning not only the hay but also

Choosing the Perfect Oster Clipper For Horse Grooming

There are a wide variety of Oster clippers available out there in the market which can satisfy your needs for grooming the horse or that can satisfy the needs of a professional groomer. Thus it is really difficult to choose the perfect one from so much of variety.

How to Hook Up a Horse Harness

The horse harness has played a critical role in the evolution of the military, transportation and agriculture. Early cultures developed the harness as a means of employing horses and other animals for drawing wagons, chariots and plows. Harnessed horses allowed ancient man to increase his farming pr

DIY: How Can I Wrap My Saddle Horn With New Leather?

Saddle horns are often wrapped to protect the saddle horn from damages that can occur while roping livestock. Saddle horn wraps, often referred to as dally wraps, can be purchased in a variety of different materials, including leather, from your local horse supply store or from an online retailer. L

What Are the Six Types of Nutrients Found in Horse Feed?

When you can't put a horse out to pasture, horse feed ensures a nutritious diet.chevaux cotentin image by manuelclerc from Fotolia.comYou can pick a horse feed based on the type of horse you have, its age and the kind of work it's going to do. Horse feeds help when you can't put a horse...

What are the signs that my horse may be aging?

Signs your horse may be aging. How to care for your older senior horse. Tips on sheltering, feeding, health and riding or work load. Learn how to care for your older horse.

How to Measure a Bob Marshall Sports Saddle

Some riders feel that the traditional saddle design, in which a fiberglass or wooden tree is used to distribute weight, is flawed. Those riders often turn to treeless saddles as an alternative that is both more comfortable and easier on the horse's back. As with any saddle, proper fit is essential a

How to Assist a Mare in Labor

Most mares have no problem delivering their foals. If the foaling process is not progressing normally, however, and the mare needs assistance, scrub your hands and arms with warm, soapy water and rinse well and get ready to help. Grab your foaling kit, call your veterinarian, and attend to the mare

Alternative Transport Solutions for Your Horse

Living without a horsebox or trailer can be frustrating, especially if you are used to having one but for some reason circumstances dictate that you can no longer afford it. For those who have never owned one, it can seem like an unachievable dream. Getting your horse out and about doesn't have

How to Pack a Hoof Using a Diaper and Duct Tape

Hoof injuries are one of the most challenging aspects of horse ownership. Horses spend the majority of their time standing up, and an open hoof wound can make it difficult for the horse to move normally. A number of methods exist to treat hoof wounds, although one of the simplest, and least expensiv

5 Steps To Collecting Model Horses

Many horse owners also love collecting model horses as well. Learn how to get started in the hobby of collecting model horses and learn how to value, customize and enjoy your model horse collections.

Chinese Herb Used for Equine Massage

Horses, as well as people, suffer from muscle strain and pain on a regular basis. While modern medicine treats these problems with traditional medicine, there are resources utilizing traditional Chinese medicine that are effective in alleviating pain and discomfort. Trainers also used massage and he

How to Tell the Age of a Horse From His Teeth

The age old practice of telling the age of a horse by looking at its teeth is one that continues even in this day and age. While it is not always an exact science due to better equine dental supplies in the modern age, the general concepts will hold true.

To Bit Or Not to Bit - That Is A Very Important Question!

I have seen so many horses with bleeding mouths from a bit and also acting up so bad it is hard to ride, with one horse flipping over backwards because a child pulled on the bit so hard. I had to write this article.FIRST AND FOREMOST: How many of the 'horsey' people out there know that a h

Keyhole Race Basics for Beginners

Learn how to run a keyhole race. The keyhole race is a common and fun gymkhana or play day game. Learn how to run a keyhole race effectively and safely. Find tips and learn the pattern to a keyhole race.

Your Horse And Colic - Why It's So Common

Horses evolved on a different diet from the one they're expected to eat today. The manner in which horses eat and the time they spend eating has changed considerably - even a horse living on grass eats a different diet from his ancestors.