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How to Neutralize Bee and Wasp Stings

Bee and Wasp stings can be both painful and itchy, and are very common during the summer. Fortunately there are easy ways of neutralizing the toxins that these stings deliver and reducing the pain. Many common household substances can be used for this, and vinegar and baking soda but said to be the

How to Identify Spiders in Western Australia

Western Australia has plenty of woodlands, forests and open fields for spiders to live in and find food. A few are dangerous, such as the redback spider, but most are harmless to humans. Spiders located in the western region of Australia can be identified by their webs, colors and size.

Instructions to Make a Top Bar Beehive

If you are a bee or honey enthusiast, you will find the design of the top bar beehive quite beneficial. The design of the hive allows the insect-lover to fully investigate and witness the process by which bees create and maintain their hives. The honey enthusiast will enjoy in the delectable delig

Life Cycle of the Brown Water Snake

The brown water snake undergoes the same life cycle stages as all other water snakes, along with most garter snakes. Brown water snakes are primarily found in bodies of water in Texas, Iowa and Alabama. These snakes are nonvenomous but will bite if provoked.

Types of Flying Insects

Insects are easily among the most abundant organisms on the planet, vastly outnumbering human beings in all corners of the globe. Their abundance, however, is nearly matched by their variety, coming in all shapes and sizes. Some dig, some swim, others fly. Flight is one of the most useful skills of

Snake Species in Corte Madera, California

Corte Madera is a city located half way along California's coast in Marin County. The natural habitats in and around the city are home to 11 of the state's more than 80 species and subspecies of snake. The native species vary in size from a few inches to several feet long. Almost all the local speci

How Does a Swallow Catch Food?

Eating on the FlyAll swallows eat insects. Swallows don't wait for dinner to come to them, they go to the meal. Swallows the world over catch their food in the same manner--on the wing, Swallows are able to fly fast enough to easily keep up with and eventually overtake the quickest of...

Spiders Of Oklahoma

The many species of spiders found in Oklahoma present a well-rounded spectrum from harmless to extremely venomous. Some Oklahoma spiders have developed unique characteristics, such as location-specific coloration or high population levels.

How to Identify the Sex of a Snake

If you have a pet snake, you may be curious about its sex. Because snakes have internal reproductive organs, telling their gender can be a challenge for an inexperienced handler. Fortunately, there are several methods, both visual and physical, that you can use to determine your snake's sex or that

Natural Camouflage Techniques

There are many examples of camouflage in nature. Several species of fish have camouflaging abilities. These camouflaging techniques help protect animals from predators, or it may help them hunt prey. Either way, effective camouflage helps animals stay undetected.

Common Spiders in New Zealand

OverviewGoodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty ImagesNew Zealand is home to a number of different species of spiders. Some species are native to the island, while others are native to Australia and Africa, among other places. The majority of New Zealand's spiders are not poisonous; in fact, only two...

How to Create a Scene Dog

A "scene" style is a popular look among teens and young adults and has many aspects with regards to edgy hair, vintage-inspired clothing and a generally different appearance. While this style is popular with people, you can bring your canine into the "scene" look by dressing him up with a few access

Buy Ant Farms for Sale Online

Children and some grown ups love ants. In fact, some people watch them grow at their homes or offices. Ants are exciting insects and they are many and different. If your child or you love ants, all you require is a farm. Usually, ant farms are made of a clear plastic or glass material. This is to al

What Are the Three Stages of a Cricket?

The nymph stage is cricket adolescence.speckled bush cricket image by john barber from Fotolia.comThe cricket, that enigmatic insect featured in literature and ancient tradition for over two millenia, is a nocturnal creature known for its loud "singing," or chirping sounds. The cricket is...

Information on a Popular Question, Do Fleas Fly?

Many pet owners at one point in their lives unfortunately come in contact with fleas. Some people want to know whether or not fleas fly. We have provided some information about fleas to give everyone a better understanding of what they are and how they exist.

Blue Racer Snakes in Kansas

Racer snakes are common in the United States, including the eastern racer which is found east of the Rocky Mountains. The many different species of eastern racer snakes are often identified by color. Eastern racers can be found in Kansas, but the blue color variation that gives this species its name

How to Get Rid of Grain Moths

Grain moths are simply small moths that lay their eggs in common food products. Although it's common to find them in flour, they can also lay their eggs on flowers, pet food, dried fruits, cereal, baking mixes, spices, nuts and pasta. Getting rid of grain moths takes a few steps, but it is very eas

How to Care for Your Statilia Parva Mantis

The statilia parva mantis is a great pet because it is very docile and small, growing to approximately two inches in length. In the United States, the statilia parva mantis is not released into the wild because it is a non-native species and must be kept only as pets. In fact, out of the more than 1