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Breeding Leopard Geckos - Tips and Tricks

Do you need some helpful advice in breeding leopard geckos? We're here to help you with your conundrum with some helpful tips and tricks on how to make your very own designer lizard dreams come to life.

What Are Water Monitoring Tests?

Water is an important part of many aspects of human, animal and plant life. Monitoring surface water is vital to ensure there is an ample supply of safe water for drinking, irrigating crops, fishing, operating factories and for recreational purposes. Water monitoring test kits measure the amount of

Frogs As Pets

Even low maintenance pets require care, and frogs are no exception. With frogs, cleaning and maintaining their habitat is the most important part of their care.

Bearded Dragon Info - Why They Make Great Pets

Reptiles are becoming rising stars in the hobby pet circle. Popular among these is the bearded dragon. If you do not have much information on these reptiles you may ask yourself what is all the fuss about. Read the bearded dragon info below to find out.

Facts About Soft-Shelled Turtles

The spiny soft-shell turtle is one of the largest turtles in North America, inhabiting cool rivers, brackish water or tropical areas around the world. It has a smooth, rounded carapace rimmed with pliable, cone-shaped spines and a long, round snout that extends from the head. The shell itself is lea

Homemade Treats for Reptiles

Commonly thought of as garbage disposals in the animal kingdom, reptiles are amazing creatures. Their adaptability to changes in their environment allows them to survive, regardless of some of the trash they indiscriminately ingest when they are hungry. Consequently, it is not as difficult for you t

How to Clean a Wooden Iguana Cage

Iguanas are a species of lizard found in warmer climates such as South America or the Caribbean. When iguanas are kept as house pets they need to have cages equipped with food, water and a heat rock or lamp. As part of the routine in caring for an iguana you are going to need to clean out its cage.

How to Feed a Hatchling

Hatchlings need plenty of attention and care. They have to be watched over and often need to be fed frequently for the first several days, weeks and, in some species, months. In the wild, the mothers take on that important and delicate role. However, when you become a pet owner, that responsibility

How to Care for Your Terrapins

Terrapins are attractive, interesting pets and will live a long time - sometimes up to 25 years. You will probably buy them as young hatchlings when they will be very small but bear in mind that they will grow up to 12 inches across as an adult under your care. Terrapins can be messy creatures and i

How to Heal Shell Rot

Injured pet turtles are susceptible to shell rot when living in an unhealthy habitat or through inappropriate care and neglect. Dirty water, soiled land areas and general lack of hygiene encourage bacteria and fungus spores to develop, infecting your turtle's shell and soft tissue in the form of she

Things to Have in a Tank for a Lizard

A lizard's natural environment is very different than a typical household environment, making the set-up of the tank a specific process that will help the lizard thrive and live longer. Along with heating elements, the lizard should have natural structures and materials that it can be comfortable in

Albino African Frog Care

The African clawed frog is generally olive brown to gray in color but, for the purposes of the pet trade, can also be albino. These albino frogs would likely not live long in the wild but, as a pet, are slightly more unique than commonly colored frogs and are no more difficult to care for. An albino

Negative Effects of Water Hardness on Newly Hatched Fishes

Incorrect water quality is the most important limiting factor to successful fish breeding and rearing. When rearing fish, the correct hardness is important to the hatchlings' survivability. Hardness refers to the total concentration of specific minerals dissolved in the water, largely calcium and ma

The Amazing World of Carrot Tail Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos had been brought into the United States to be used in the exotic pet business. These geckos arrived out of the natural with incredibly little facts regarding this species. Since these geckos came from the wild, they were grouped into a couple of diverse varieties and subspecies.