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How to Hand Tame a Hamster

Discovered in Israel in the early 1900s, hamsters soon became popular pets due to their friendly nature and the ability to train them easily. Today, children and adults all over the world enjoy watching and caring for these small furry creatures. Hamsters quickly adapt to human touch and with a litt

How to Bathe a Rat's Kittens With Shampoo

Pet rats normally keep themselves clean and groom their litter or cage mates. If your pet rat has given birth to a litter, referred to as kittens, you may wish to give the little ones a bath to wash away debris or mother's milk from their skin and coats. Wait at least two to three weeks after birth

How to Tell if a Dwarf Hamster Is Pregnant

Dwarf hamsters are smaller and more docile than their larger Syrian hamster relatives, making them popular pets. These social animals generally do well in pairs but will reproduce quickly if given the opportunity. Dwarf hamsters have extremely short gestation periods, which may last as little as 18

How Much Do Hamsters Weigh?

Hamsters are small rodents that make great starter pets for children, because they are easy to care for and leave very little mess. The typical weight of a pet hamster differs with factors such as age and the time of day when weighing, but adult hamsters typically weigh just over 7 ounces, or 200 g

Behavior of Pregnant Hamsters

Detecting pregnancy in hamsters isn't always easy. It is important to do so, though. Pregnant female hamsters will attack other hamsters (particularly male hamsters), so it is critical to isolate the expectant mother hamster as soon as you recognize that she's pregnant. Failing to do so can lead to

How to Keep a Nice Clean Cage for My Guinea Pig

The first step to making sure your guinea pig always has a clean cage is to start as you intend to continue. A new pet is an exciting project, particularly for children, but maintaining a guinea pig cage can become a real chore if you do not set up a simple daily and weekly routine so that the job c

How to Take Care of Baby Russian Dwarf Hamsters

Caring for baby dwarf hamsters requires preparation and restraint. For the first week, caring for the babies focuses on keeping the mother happy and healthy. Once the babies start toddling around, it can becomes a balancing act between keeping the cage clean and providing both mother and babies what

How to Take Care of Sick Hamsters

Hamsters are hardy, easy-to-care for pets. However, their small size, means that illness or injury can become serious very quickly. The most common signs of problems include lethargy or weakness, loss of appetite, change in water consumption (too little or too much), wet tail, diarrhea, unkempt coat

How to Build a Wood Chinchilla Cage

Chinchillas are popular pets that require a little maintenance. Because they are such active pets, they need large living spaces with multiple levels. They can have ramps--but once adults, chinchillas rarely need them and simply jump from level to level. These instructions are for a cage that

Mice & Rat Removal

Rats, mice and small rodents often show up as unwanted guests in homes. These rodents will show up looking for food and warmth if you aren't careful and will stay as long as you allow them to. Rat and mice control can be achieved on your own, with a variety of different measures. With strategic plac

How to Take Care of a Newborn Hamster

Raising a newborn hamster pup can be a great learning experience as you watch the tiny, pink, hairless baby grow into a furry little pet. Baby hamsters are best left to the care of the mother hamster early in life, but there are a few things you should know about caring for your new pet when it come

How to Care for Gambian Rats

Rat lovers might find Gambian rats (Cricetomys gambianus) very appealing. They are large, active and share the adaptability of the more familiar domestic rats. However, Gambian rats are not domestic animals and do not make very good pets unless you are prepared to put a lot of time and money into th

Hamster Toys for Kids

Hamsters are pets for children and adults. However, when buying toys to keep hamsters occupied and happy, child safety must be a part of the decision. Remember, children don't play with the hamster toys, but they should be able to interact with the hamster as it's playing with its new toy.

Acclimating a Gerbil to a New Cage

Gerbils are friendly, curious rodents that make amusing pets. Since they are sensitive animals with a strong sense of smell and weak eyesight, it sometimes takes time for a gerbil to fully explore and get accustomed to a new cage. Gerbils are territorial animals that feel uncomfortable when they are

Rabbit Hibernation

Wild rabbits are identified by their long and soft fur, grey-brown color, white underparts and short tail. Their long ears, common to most rabbits, are most likely an adaptation that allows them to better hear approaching predators. Wild rabbits live in burrows; a group of them is called a herd. As

What Is a Wildlife Control Specialist?

A wildlife control specialist is a licensed expert charged with capturing and removing wild animals from homes and businesses. They also help people with some of the lingering effects of a wild animal intrusion through property repair and specialized cleaning services.

What Type of Cage Do You Put a Pinkie Squirrel In?

Newborn tree squirrels, called "pinkies," do not have fur yet and are delicate creatures requiring special attention. When rehabilitating an abandoned or injured pinkie, you should make its nesting area warm, cozy and private.

Hamster Breeding Projects

Breeding hamsters can be a fun and exciting project, whether you want to find new homes for the babies or keep them all. Hamster litters range from six to 10 babies for Syrian hamsters, and five to six for dwarf hamsters, so you could have your hands full! Proper care of your hamsters and patience w

Squirrels & Sunflower Seeds

Squirrels are typically associated with nuts. Commonly seen burying acorns, walnuts and other fatty seeds for the winter, these animals love foods of this type. They also raid bird feeders to get to corn, sunflower seeds and other nuts and seeds. A high-seed diet isn't necessarily good for them, tho