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Symptoms of Parvovirus Disease in Dogs

Young puppies are at an increased risk of developing canine parvovirus.puppy image by Du...?an Zidar from Fotolia.comCanine parvovirus is a highly infectious viral disease. Symptoms of parvovirus manifest within three to seven days after the dog's initial exposure to the virus, and...

Primary Epilepsy in Dogs

Any type of disease in a dog is devastating for a pet owner. The disease can also be scary if the primary side effect is seizures and the owner does not know what is causing them or how to treat them. The main disease that affects dogs in this manner is epilepsy, of which there are three types: pri

Everything You Should Know About Heart Disease in Dogs

Heart disease in dogs is common. Dogs with heart disease and heart failure may cough, tire easily, and have a loss of appetite. Learn to recognize the signs of heart problems in dogs, various causes, diagnostic and treatment options, and how to manage your heart patient dog at home.

Reasons a Dog Has Swollen Lips

Dog biting the facial area of another dogdogs are fighting image by Ivonne Wierink from Fotolia.comA dog may have swollen lips for several reasons, such as injury or an allergic reaction. Some causes of swollen lips can be treated at home with medication, but when the reasons for the...

Diseases in Beagle Dogs

Beagles are prone to certain diseases.Beagle auf Baumstumpen image by denonmk2 from Fotolia.comBeagles are small, lively dogs that are fairly hardy, but they are still prone to certain diseases and health problems. Learning more about the diseases that tend to affect beagles can prepare...

Epilepsy in Bulldogs

Bulldogs are happy, mellow dogs that make good family pets. They are not vicious or aggressive and form excellent bonds with children. As a bulldog owner, it is important to be aware that bulldogs are prone to certain health conditions such as epilepsy.

Pancreatitis Treatment in Dogs

Canine pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, is a condition in which a dog's pancreatic digestive enzymes attack the protein and fat in pancreas itself or in the surrounding tissues. When this happens, the pancreas becomes inflamed and may bleed, releasing toxins into the animal's system.

End Stage Lymphoma in Dogs

End stage lymphoma is, as the name implies, the final stage of a long fight between your dog and cancer. Management of the illness has become difficult, and the signs and treatment have taken new directions. Knowing what to look for, and what to prepare for is important for you and your dog.

Prolymphocytic Lymphoma in Dogs

Dogs can suffer the same cancers and health issues as humans. Leukemia is one of these common issues. Prolymphocytic lymphoma is usually referred to as prolymphocytic leukemia, shortened to PLL. PLL is a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Relapse of Canine Vestibular Disease

Canine vestibular disease is characterized by the inflammation of the vestibular arrays that give a dog its sense of balance. It can occur unexpectedly, but it is generally not a very serious condition.

Westminster Dog Show Index

The first Westminster Dog Show was held in 1877 and has a rich history. This show is America's second-longest continuously held sporting event, behind only the Kentucky Derby. The show is held on the second Monday and Tuesday of February. This page is an archive of my coverage of this event, st

Cocker Spaniel on the Grooming Table

A look at the stories and photos of the 133rd Westminster dog show in New York City. This show was held on February 9 and 10 of 2009.

How to Sing Lower

Learning to sing lower allows singers the freedom to choose whatever they want to sing and impresses audiences.

Hypocalcemia in Dogs

Hypocalcemia is a serious, and possibly fatal, condition affecting dogs. Low blood calcium levels in canines cause system-wide failures, leading to seizures and comas. Swift veterinary treatment is required for recovery.

Keep Your Arthritic Cat Comfortable at Home

Arthritic cats may not openly show their pain, but arthritis is a painful condition. There are several things a cat owner can do make the home more amenable to and comfortable for an arthritic cat.

Why Does My New Puppy Cough?

The causes of puppy coughing range from allergies to cigarette smoke to a collapsed trachea. Puppy coughing is a symptom of many diseases and conditions, so take your puppy's cough seriously. Knowledge of the top five causes of puppy cough may prevent life-long complications with your puppy.

Signs Your Senior Cat Needs to See the Vet

Some changes are to be expected with old age, some are not. Learn to watch for, and differentiate between, normal and possible medical problems for your senior cat.