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Shelter Cat Adoption Success Gallery: Seamus

Adopting a shelter cat makes a big difference, not only to the cat, who may literally have been on death row, but to your own life. Cats are well-known for giving unconditional love to their human companions, and you'll find your life enriched immeasurably. The stories presented here in our She

Problems With a Cat Drinking Excessive Water

Cats may exhibit excessive thirst, or polydipsia, because of benign changes in diet or more serious medical conditions. Monitor the animal's behavior at the water bowl and measure the amount of water your cat drinks daily. Share this information during your pet's next checkup to help your veterinari

Homemade Mouse Tunnels

Mice make wonderful pets, especially for kids who want a furry, entertaining critter to love and parents who want something that requires little care. Mice are active animals that like to burrow, chew and climb, and they need a place to sleep and eat. Create entertainment -- such as a mouse tunnel -

Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

How do Siamese rate against other breeds of cats in terms of the cost to buy? But also how expensive are they to keep and are they prone to expensive health problems? Here we look at a few basic facts.

Early Kidney Disease in Cats

Finding out that your cat is suffering from kidney disease can be very horrifying. Although it is a terminal disease, catching it early and treating it aggressively can lengthen the cat's life and help to make him more comfortable for the remaining months or years of his life.

Causes Of Intestinal Blockage In Cats

Pet owners need to be aware of some of the common health problems in the animals so that they identify them in the initial stages itself. One of the common health problems in cats is intestinal blockage. This is predominantly found in kittens rather than well-grown adult cats.

The Pet Owner's Guide to Cat Food For Urinary Problems

Most pet owners are unaware that there is cat food for urinary problems. In this article, you'll learn why the right food can be helpful for cats with bladder problems and what to look for in a healthy cat food as well as how to supplement the diet for cats that seem to be prone to urinary issu

A Good Cat Tree Makes For a Happy Cat

A cat makes a wonderful pet for both adults and children. They are quiet, easy to house and fun to have around the house. They are cheap to feed and will sit on your knee in the evenings.

Cat Furniture - Perfect For Keeping Your Kitty Happy

If you're looking to keep your kitty happy, cat furniture may be the way to go.While you may think cats are only indoor pets, the reality is they are wild animals that we have domesticated over time. In many respects, they still act as wild animals.

Kitty Potty Training - How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

Whether you are the owner of only one precious kitty cat, or you're the infamous "cat lady" in your neighborhood, you are bound to encounter those not-so-lovely odors that cats just can't help but produce. You know what I'm talking about.

Home-Prepared Diet for Feline Kidney Failure

Feline kidney failure is a common problem in older cats but can occur in younger cats as well. When a cat experiences kidney failure, it may drink excessively but refuse to eat at all. If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney failure (CRF), your veterinarian may prescribe a specific food for you

How to Tell If a Kitten Will Have Long Hair

Cats come in three varieties: short-hair, medium-hair and long-hair. (Sometimes, medium-haired cats are considered either long- or short- haired for simplification.) Adult coat-length is difficult to determine in kittens less than 6 weeks old. A few tips, such as the length of the ear tufts or the "

Siamese - A Delightful, Demanding, Protective Pet

Siamese are demanding, loyal, protective and beautiful.This article may be useful if you are thinking about adopting or purchasing a Siamese cat.Learn about the history and care of these sleek, and affectionate pets.

Signs & Symptoms of Pet Depression

According to Texas A&M University, pets who become depressed will display behavior changes that indicate their mood. Pets are not always able to communicate feelings of sadness to their owners and it is up to the humans who take care of them to be on the lookout for these changes. With...


Cats Being Cats Picture Gallery - Featuring Meika

2008 Domestic Cats Picture Gallery: Mittens

While many cat breeds are popular among their aficionados, my favorite "breed," and that of many of my readers, is the so-called domestic cat, also known affectionately as moggie, alley-cat, house cat, or what is called in cat shows that include them, "household pet." You may sub

How to Tell If Your Cat Has Diabetes

Cats suffer from diabetes. Just like humans Cats can suffer from the effects of diabetes. Unlike humans, cats cannot tell us that they are uncomfortable in anyway.