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Highest Quality Online Image Resizer - Which One is It?

Highest quality online resizing is not a new task.Only a few web sites provide the best quality resized photo in the industry, but they may charge a nominal amount for their services.Anyone looking for the highest quality resized photos can opt for these services.

So You Want to Be a Photographer?

Do you enjoy taking photos? Are you thinking that maybe you can make a little money with your camera? The problem is the idea of making money with your camera sounds good, but where do you begin?

Earning Money Through Photography Work

Photography can signify a variety of thing to various people. While there are those who view it as a hobby, others view it as a passion and a means of earning a livelihood. Despite your how you define the term, you can always opt to use this great source of art to make some extra cash.

Keep Photos Last and Look New

The market now offers a lot of technology to choose from that caters our concern with photographs to last longer without getting damage and still looking new. There are state of the art printers with ...

What Is Dof in a Camera?

Depth of field (DOF) is defined as the area in an image from foreground to background in acceptably sharp focus. It is determined by several factors, including the f-stop used when shooting the image, as well as the shooter's distance from the photographic subject. A knowledgeable photographer will

Nikon Camera Instructions

Nikon cameras are renowned for their ease of use and intuitive control features. One of the advantages to owning a Nikon product is that they have changed little over the years, even when transitioning to digital formats. Late model film cameras and current model digital cameras are nearly indisting

Express Your Thoughts Through Art

Art gallery is a venue to exhibit work of artists. Artist of regional and worldwide importance display their art for public as well as for commercial purpose. The art galleries also serve the purpose of fresh and young artist to promote their work.

Other Ways to Shoot a Photo

OTHER WAYS TO SHOOT A PHOTO We all know that to make a picture have to press the shutter button of your camera and... voil ! Have our picture. But did you know that there ...

Discover a New Passion With Self-Made Pinhole Cameras

Looking for a new hobby? If you're into art, then pinhole photography could just be the thing you need. It offers a unique way of capturing life without breaking your bank account. Pinhole cameras will introduce you to a whole new world of art.

Unique Ideas to Add Color and Spirit to a Wedding Function

There is no need to stick to the old-fashioned ideas when you plan to organize the wedding reception of your loved one. You can implement innovative ideas to each aspect of the party to impress your guests and thrill them.

Tips on How to Choose Portrait Photographers

Portrait photos offer great memories as it is one of the best ways to remember the way you looked at different times in your life. These pictures are also likely to be passed down to ...

How to make amazing fireworks photos

Fireworks are so easy to shoot, as they shoot themselves. You just need to follow some tricks and you will get terrific results. Two things are important to shoot fireworks well: 1. A tripod (or ...

Significance Of Photo Matting To Your Pictures

With our latest technology today almost everything can be possible especially in digital photography. Even people who are dead for decades can be resurrected in your pictures. Nonetheless even with today's latest technology no matter how perfectly formatted your photos alone will still appear a

Model Posing Tips

Do you often find yourself waiting, camera in hand, while your model struggles to get the pose right for the shot? For the professional photographer posing a human model, the working relationship is something like that between film director and actor. Yet photographers don't get training in the

How to Make Photography Backdrops

Photography backdrops can be as simple or as eleborate as you want them to be. If you have a studio, you can build them to be permanent, or you can have several that are temporary and portable. A good photographic backdrop is only limited by your imagination. Here are a few tips to get you started.