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Eminent Domain Law - Determining the Larger Parcel

One of the easiest ways to mess up an appraisal is to incorrectly identify the parcel of land to be analyzed.This often happens when to parcels of land, separated by a road or a little bit of distance, are used for one purpose.Read below to learn how to evaluate property to determine if there can be

Utility Service Tenants Rights Act

The Utility Service Tenants Rights Act is a law in Pennsylvania that requires utility companies to provide the tenant of a rental unit at least 30 days of advance notice before shutting off utility services, such as heat, electricity, water and sewer services.

How to Break a Lease on a Rental House

A lease is a legally binding contract between a renter and the landlord that stipulates the conditions of the rental. It should clearly state how much rent is due and when, late-fee penalties, how long the rental agreement is for and what the penalties are for terminating the lease. If you need to b

Breaking Down the HUD-1

The Settlement Statement, often referred to as the "HUD-1", is a document that contains a detailed breakdown of the closing costs apportioned between the buyer and seller of property. Typically, the closing agent (often a representative from the title company), gathers the pertinent inform

Manufactured-Home Park Regulations

States place requirements on manufactured-home parks.mobiles homes 6 image by Marc Rigaud from Fotolia.comManufactured homes are often placed in mobile-home parks. These mobile-home parks are similar to neighborhoods, containing groups of manufactured homes on a semi-permanent basis. Like...

Arkansas Rental Property Eviction Laws

One of the most important things an Arkansas landlord can know is how to lawfully evict a tenant. There is one thing that a landlord may absolutely not do, and two different mechanisms for reclaiming rental property.

What Items Are the Fixtures in a Foreclosed Home?

Fixtures loom large over the world of foreclosure. When a lending agency or legal authority forecloses on a home, it evicts the previous owner and reclaims the property. As reported by sources like the "New York Times," homeowners often see the fixtures of a home as way to make money. Some homeowner

What Is the Meaning of Property Ownership?

Owning a property can be a sound investment that will provide a nest-egg for your retirement. The majority of people get on the property ladder by taking on a mortgage, which means that it will belong to them when the mortgage is paid off. The most common form of property ownership is homeownership.

Landlord's Rights & Duties in Pennsylvania

Landlords must be reputable businesspeople in order to attract new renters to empty property.apartment for rent image by dead_account from Fotolia.comA landlord in Pennsylvania has rights and duties to the property he rents out as well as to the tenants living in that property. Laws in...

How to File a Quick Deed

Transferring an interest in property requires executing a written instrument called a deed. States recognize several types of deeds, including quitclaim deeds and warranty deeds. There is no such thing as a “quick” deed; however, quitclaim deeds are relatively short (typically one page o

Florida Tenant Landlord Act

Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes provides the law governing relations between landlords and tenants. The chapter covers nonresidential tenancies, residential tenancies and self-service storage space. Part II, known as the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, governs the rights and responsi

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a piece of property is one of the most costly investments you will most likely ever make in your lifetime. However, this cost is even more staggering when you are making the decision to obtain commercial properties. Not only are the costs higher, but the process can be more complicated, a

Rights of Apartment Tenants

Tenants' rights remain a difficult course to navigate and enforce when dealing with unjust landlords and property managers. Getting what the law says is rightfully yours requires tenacity, certainty and documentation on your part. Making sure you follow the law to the letter may help turn the tables

The Ownership of Property

How do you own your property? There are essentially two ways that you and your spouse or partner can own the legal title to land that is as joint tenants and tenants in common. What's the difference?

How to File a Complaint Against the Owner of Your Apartment

A landlord has an obligation to maintain your apartment in a livable condition and must repair anything that may make it unsafe. You can file a complaint with local and state officials if the landlord fails to properly maintain the apartment. Items that can make an apartment unlivable include fire h

Michigan Homestead Renters Act

Renters in Michigan pay property taxes indirectly as part of their rent. For this reason, the state allows renters to claim a tax credit under the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit program. If you are a renter occupying a homestead in Michigan and meet a few other qualifications, you can get

What Documents Are Needed for Closing on Land in Tennessee?

Real estate closings can be document-heavy transactions.Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesThe number of documents required in a Tennessee real estate closing can vary widely. A cash transaction for a parcel of undeveloped land can be closed in a few minutes with a handful of documents,...

How to File a Lien for Non Payment of Condo Fees

Condominium associations have in their HOA (Home Owner's Association) agreements provisions for payment of association fees by each unit for the care and maintenance of the entire condominium including but not limited to: roofs, parking and drive ways, and all common amenities (such as club houses a