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How to Install Solar Panels on a Travel Trailer

Installing solar panels on a travel trailer is a great first step towards energy efficiency, even on the road. While large recreational vehicles may be more popular than ever, many people still choose to tow a travel trailer behind their vehicle to enjoy the same amenities. Both can have solar panel

How to Seal an RV Roof Top Air Conditioner

Roof-top air conditioners used on motor homes and recreational vehicles are installed into the roof's vent holes with sealants and foam gaskets. Sealing or resealing the roof air conditioner can be done by the average backyard mechanic in about an hour.

2011 Holiday Rambler Admiral Review

The 2011 Holiday Rambler Class A RV is affordable luxury. The RV has style, class and amazing power. You'll get to your vacation destination in the comfort you would expect from Holiday Rambler.

How to Replace the Shower in My RV

The ability to use a recreational vehicle (RV) as a self-contained unit camped away from organized parks and sites is very important to some owners. For anyone who is remote camping, one of the most important functions the RV must fulfill is to provide a comfortable shower. RV showers may be a singl

Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Campervan in New Zealand

The breath-taking natural wonders and the rich culture of New Zealand attract numerous visitors to the country every year. Many choose to explore the places of interest with a campervan. It is not difficult to hire a campervan in New Zealand. You just have to be prepared for what lies ahead by getti

How to Service a Ford Focus Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit on the Ford Focus automobile is an intricate, complicated system. When the air conditioner fails to work properly, any number of things could be the cause. You can troubleshoot the problem and service your Ford Focus air conditioner yourself if you have some moderate handym

How to Tell if a Trailer's Bearings Are Bad

Trailer bearings are located at each wheel of a trailer, and allow the wheel to spin freely around the axle with minimum friction. All bearings require a constant supply of lubrication, and must be periodically "repacked" with fresh grease to prevent damage. Lack of lubrication can cause a bearing t

Carlisle ATV Tires: The Best For Your ATVs

When it comes to your ATVs, it is only proper that you give it the best possible tires out there in the market. For any vehicle, the tires will always be experiencing the most wear and tear. It is onl

Look before Buying a Lemon: Go for Revs Check

Buying a used car is a tricky business. One must conduct REVS Check to get the history report of the vehicle in order to take the informed decision and to save the vehicle from repossession and other

The Revolution RV Water Pump

The Revolution water pump by Shurflo is the quietest RV pump in production. It will replace other twelve volt water pumps with great ease.

Travel RVing With Pets

Insights on traveling via RV with your best friends in tow. Pets are not always dogs and/or cats.

And you'll discover the ATV components

The just about all terrain automobile parts are extremely easy to find out than a person imagine, becoming jammed without having your just about all terrain automobile can, nicely, absolute foul odor"

Things to Know About Winnebago Motor Homes

People engage in a lot of activities and arrangements to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are numerous options to do so and people go through a lot of things just to stay close to nature. Having a motor home, traveling with the family, and spending nights in closest connection to nature are a dream

How to Charge a PT Cruiser AC

If you only need the refrigerant level recharged, you do not need to take your PT Cruiser to an air conditioning-certified mechanic. It is a task you can easily complete at home. Your PT Cruiser takes R134a refrigerant, and refilling kits can be bought anywhere automotive products are sold. Typical

Caravan News - Camping Solo is a No Go!

We should live in a society where we always feel safe, but in reality this isn't always the case. Being armed with commonsense and experience is therefore not a bad thing when embarking on a camping trip alone.

How to Winterize a Lance Camper

Winter is coming, and the plumbing system in your camper must be winterized to prevent freeze damage if you live in a colder climate. Without winterization, the water in water lines and drain pipes will freeze up, splitting the pipes. Repairing or replacing a damaged plumbing system in a camper is