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Remove Compulsive Lying from Your Life

Compulsive lying is something that can tear apart your relationships and life if you suffer from it. It is also something that seems impossible to get out of as each and every lie continues to build a

Self Image Improvement - Start an Organized Program

Almost everyone could use some self image improvement.Today it seems like it is almost normal for people to have a poor self image of themselves.So how do we go about improving our self image?

4 Steps To Effective Goal Setting

Setting goals is often much easier to say than to accomplish, as many people simply have no clue where to begin. Planning out a course of action in life is something that combines an assortment of factors, including personal development and time management.

The Dreamers Are the Saviors of the World

Dream lofty dreams and you shall move the world to a better place, even if the dream is for your own betterment as long as you are determined to do no harm to others. Better yet, dream a dream for the improved circumstances of all.

The Secret to Getting What You Desire, Period!

You can have all that you desire. Period. Apply a simple and structured process that will give you results time and time again. Learn to set goals and desires properly. find the technique to re-train your mind for success and completion. Learn how to create mental movies that will support and drive

Who Is Jesus Christ to You?

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. If you want to know the way to a successful life, Jesus will show you. He is the name above every name and at the mention of His name, demons tremble.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

With the latest example of violence at Virginia Tech, millions of Americans and people around the world are asking, "What's the cause?" We are a nation inundated with violence from every angle. One manifestation of this is the current ever-increasing popularity of violent horror films

Louise Hay Affirmations - Affirmations From an Expert

Louise Hay is a world renowned lecturer, teacher, and bestselling author. She is an expert in helping people heal their lives through positive, life altering affirmations. These 'Louise Hay Affirmations' are powerful tools to help us begin creating the life we want to have.

Living to Create Instead of Living to Survive

How do we live to create and not just simply survive? Is it not true that so many of us live only to survive? The worst part is that we not only willfully do it, but are not even really aware that we do. What does it take to shift our mindset to one of creating instead of subsisting?

Avoid the 5 Biggest Lies that Stop Your Success Cold!

As you move up the ladder of success you might encounter the solo professional's worst enemy - the dreaded critic. You know you're in the midst of a critic because they live in the world of "can't." Find out how to recognize them and kick them to the curb once and for all.

The Highest Paying Job Ever

Which is the highest paying job? Which profession is the best, that will guarantee a very high pay? Some people think that money comes based on the profession chosen, or that it is the job that you do that determines how rich you will ever be. Initially, I also agreed with that assertion, that it is

The Key Role Thoughts Play in Our Lives

This article discusses the importance of implementing positive thinking into one's lifestyle. By reframing the way we think, we begin to reprogram our minds to think and feel more positive and better about ourselves.

Are Ascension Symptoms Real?

There is a lot of information out there with regard ascension symptoms. Well, ascension is not something that happens to you. Find out if what you are going through are really ascension symptoms and what you can do about them.

Overcome Your Fear of Injection

On the other hand, if your fear has gotten in the way of your getting better, then it is time to call in the big guns. One of the more popular ways of managing fears like this is hypnotherapy. It is considered to be effective because it targets the persons subconscious mind, which has been found to

Did You Ever Break A Leg?

Like in the movies -- When Polly Came -- you have to choose between taking and avoiding risk.In the first scene of this movie, we see how Philip Seymour (I forgot his name in the film -- as all other names of this film...) nearly breaks his leg. Did you ever break something?

How to Survive College and Work

Tips for managing the responsibilities of college while working and still maintaining a happy and healthy life style. Learn about how scheduling will help.

Wholeness - Claim Yours

You can create the power to align your life with the highest potential of your soul. It might be useful to ask yourself why you would put off something so beneficial to your peace of mind and general well-being. You might have fear that if you were to stop your frantic pace, your world might fall ap