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Social Media Platforms and Story-Telling Marketing Strategy

Marketing has now shifted from traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper, to online channels. The latest channel and most cost effective channel would be to use Social Media. In this article, the author will illustrate what is Social Media and the best strategy in marketing on this platform.

Privacy - New Weapons in the New Browser War

It looks like 2010 did not have a good start for members of the browser market. With Google threatening to leave the Chinese market, and Microsoft facing an outburst of bad publicity with the flaws from IE, the overall browser market seems quite unbalanced right now and the outcome might mean the en

Block Facebook Applications

Facebook has many applications that you can use. But upon using these applications you grant them certain permissions such as posting to your wall or accessing your account when you're not logged in. Find out how to modify and even delete these applications from accessing your personal data.

Advertise Your Catering Business For Free

Don't you wish you could market and advertise your catering business for free? Now you can promote your company and get new customers with free online tools.

Top 5 Ways to Gain a Twitter Following

Having followers on Twitter can be a very important part of marketing yourself, or your business. Using these tips, you're guaranteed to have a pretty large Twitter following in no time at all!

How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Twitter Power is mostly for those in business, like My Space, Twitter is becoming the next great market for online businesses to meet and greet others who are in their niche market. In just one week I have learned how to change my boring background on twitter to something that is more in tune with m

Using Social Media Marketing to Target a New Market Segment

This article is going to answer the question: how to use social media if your main campaign goal is to target a new market segment. This article will address the user demographics of various social networking websites, how to use content to grab the attention of different segments, and last, it will

Why Your Business Has to Have a Facebook Page

Over the last year or so Facebook has changed the way you can market on their platform. If you still have a Facebook profile which you use for marketing purposes then you should definitely turn that into a Facebook page. Facebook is now obligatory. If you decide not to have a Facebook presence, it&a

The Future of Content

Who holds the Future of Content? Is it Google, Facebook, Twitter or Rupert Murdoch of News Corp? This article discusses all of the above and attempts to derive at some possible conclusions. No matter what, content is not only a global commodity it's future could lie in the neither of the above

Where Social Networking for Business Is Going In The Future

Social marketing and networking is here to stay. What is not yet defined is where is the medium going in the future. This article details where social media marketing is headed, and what a person should be aware of when using the systems.

Does Social Media Add Value to Your Trade Show Promotion?

Today, social media is an exceptional communication channel. However, for event planners, it has a special significance; it helps them to execute their marketing plans to reach out to prospects in the shortest possible time. If you are planning to organize a trade show shortly, consider including so

Exercise Your Authority - Who is the Expert in Your Marketplace?

The answer to this question is almost rhetorical, largely because the answer is obvious. If YOU aren't the expert in your marketplace, then you're nowhere. It's YOU that needs to be the one potential customers come to, and the only way to do this is to position yourself as the authori

Facebook Deals/Places For Digital Marketing

To get to grips with Deals you first need to understand Facebook Places. Facebook Places provide a presence for a businesses physical shop, store or outlet locations. The idea being to encourage your customers or clients to share the fact they've visited your business by "checking in"

Building Your Twitter Followers - From the School of Hard Knocks

Achieving mastery in the use of Twitter to develop your on-line or off line business is a case of trial and error. Here are some of the lessons hard learned. Twitter is an outstanding business marketing tool if used properly. It's like any marketing tool - you need to follow certain rules or gu

Building a Fruitful Social Media Presence Is Like Growing a Garden

Building a social media presence is like growing a garden. It takes a plan, tools, addition of nutrients, removal of weeds, fertilizer and dealing with bugs and other garden predators in order to reap a good harvest of fruits, vegetables and/or flowers. And it takes time.

How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

If you want to grow your business you want more people to hear about it and to connect with you. So you start using social media - because everyone else seems to be on it now. Then you hear that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram - and the list is growing.