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Beliefs of the Black Foot Indian Tribe in Southeastern Missouri

The Blackfoot confederation consists of a number of separate tribes, including the South Piegan (Pikuni), Blood (Kainai), North Piegan and North Blackfoot (Siksika). These tribes intermarried, spoke the same language, had the same enemies and kept the same traditions. The Blackfoot nation inhabited

Chinese Stringed Musical Instruments

Chinese stringed instruments figured in traditional times as instruments of leisure in the courts, as elements in classical opera or integrated into folk storytelling methods. These instruments also have weaved their way into modern music, from classical renditions to modern pop performances. Some i

What Is the Definition of Blood Diamonds?

Blood diamonds, also known as "conflict diamonds," are diamonds that come from war-torn parts of Africa and are mined under circumstances that violate basic human rights. Because diamonds are so valuable, they can be used to fund illegal and unethical practices---notably rebel movements attempting t

What Women Wear at Japanese Festivals

What women wear to festivals in Japan depends as much on their role in the festival as the type of festival they are attending. As observers, they'll wear casual Western-style clothing, a yukata or a jinbei. As performers, they'll likely wear a happi or some other specially-designed...

Beginning Round Dance Steps

A round dance is performed with a single partner or a large circle of dancers. Unlike ballroom dancing, there is no single dancer that leads. Rather, the steps are announced spontaneously by a caller, who calls out the next dance step. Couples or circles of dancers move according to the steps given

10 Great Activities for Retirement

When people retire, they have lots more time available to do things they enjoy. They no longer have to satisfy a boss or the demands of a business. They can choose to occupy their time as they please. The possibilities are almost endless, but 10 great activities include:1) Taking up a ne

Japanese Culture & Dress

Japanese dress remains directly affected by the social and political history of the Japanese people. Many of what began as garments for nobility or the privileged classes have become familiar wear for modern times. While the Japanese culture and social standards continue to change, there are certain

How to Obtain a Coat of Arms From Ireland

There is a misconception that coats of arms are reserved to members of aristocratic families, but in Ireland Chief Herald I authorized to grant a coat of arms to individuals who are not of noble birth. You don't have to be a citizen of Ireland to get your coat of arms, and even corporations may be a

Categories of Theology

While religion has been practiced since the dawn of humans, the Greeks were the first people to make the study of the nature of God and mankind's relation to God an academic discipline. They called the study "theology," from the words "theo," meaning God, and "logia," meaning "sayings." Like any dis

The DNA Phantom Effect

The DNA phantom effect is a theory based on the idea of energy and vibration causing our reality. Some call it "the Secret," while others call it the "law of attraction." Most scientists do not agree with the overall findings or the scientific method used to study the so-called phantom effect, but t

Black History in Cincinnati, Ohio

Founded in 1788, Cincinnati, Ohio is situated along the Ohio River, at the mouth of Licking River. John Cleves Symmes sold 800 acres of land to Israel Ludlow, Matthias Denman and Robert Patterson and by 1790, Cincinnati had 700 inhabitants. The free state sits across the Ohio River from Kentucky, a

Facts on the Auschwitz Crematorium

During World War II, Nazi Germany established the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau near Cracow, Poland. By 1942, trains carrying Jewish prisoners from across Europe began arriving at the camp daily. Ninety percent of those put to death at the camp were Jews. Others included

A History of Western Morals

The study of Western morals begins with the ancient Greeks; they thought virtue could be found in logic and wisdom. Their theories have been incorporated, modified and rejected by the theories of philosophers and ethicists ever since.

Tahitian Palm Weaving Techniques

According to Tahiti Tours, Tahitian people love wearing flowers and palm fronds braided into their hair. Traditionally, if a flower is tucked behind the right ear, it means the person is single. If it is tucked behind the left, he or she is not. Tahitians use palm fronds to weave baskets, which are

Relocating to Mumbai

Mumbai, or the erstwhile Bombay, as the locals still like to call it, is a great city to live in. With the best of food, infrastructure, education and a varied culture to offer, you will ...

Difference Between Han & Non-Han Chinese

The Han Chinese are the largest indigenous ethnic group in China and the world, making up roughly 90 percent of the entire Chinese population and 20 percent of the world's. This is rather impressive, considering China has an additional 55 ethnic groups living alongside the Han Chinese. Differences b

Can Cruelty Become Caring?

Two men arrested early Easter Sunday just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were charged Monday with a shooting spree that left three black males dead and two wounded. The shooting wasn't a kneejerk reaction to a ...

Why Do People Have Different Colored Hair?

Hair color consists of two kinds of pigments: eumelanins in dark brown and black hair, and pheomelanins in red and blonde hair. Every shade of hair color is the result of these two pigments in various combinations derived from both parents and recombined in the child. Hair color is genetically ass

Who Is Eli Whitney?

Eli Whitney was an American inventor who created several mechanical devices that improved agricultural and manufacturing production. His important inventions included a milling machine and interchangeable gun parts. Many people believe that he invented the cotton gin. Although he was not the first p

Jewish Camps in Ohio

Hundreds of summer camps in Ohio enroll children from preschool to high school. Some are affiliated with schools, while others run only during the summer months when children are out of school. Numerous religious organizations offer summer camps in Ohio, including several Jewish day...