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How to Make a Crusader Costume

The crusaders were the military force of knights sent by the pope on a Crusade to free the Holy Land from Muslim forces. The Crusades occurred at different points between the years 1095 A.D. and 1291 A.D. A crusader usually wore a uniform of mail with a tunic identifying his family over it. Many cru

How to Make a Hidden Blade in "Assassin's Creed"

Software developer Ubisoft released the first of the "Assassin's Creed" video games in 2007. In these games, the player takes on the role of Altair, a 12th-century assassin active during the Crusades. Achieving Rank 2 unlocks the "Hidden Blade," a spring-loaded dagger concealed beneath the left slee

How to Go to Oktoberfest in Kitchener, Canada

Join the fun in Kitchener, Ontario during its Oktoberfest celebration, the world's second largest German festival. This German community celebrates Germany's beer festival commemorating the time Ludwig I invited average citizens to his wedding celebration. So, head on out to Oktoberfest in Kitchener

The Best Ideas for a Birthday Party

Coming up with fresh ideas for a birthday party can be a challenge. Consider the personality, age and interests of the person whose birthday you are planning to make it special. In addition, keep in mind that toddlers tire quickly, a middle-aged co-worker may not appreciate that over-the-hill party

How to Make a Halloween Song

Halloween music should be creepy and in a depressed key. There are some simple ways to achieve this if you have basic knowledge of music and talent for creating melody. If you have no experience writing music, you will want to study music theory first or try creating a song based on a pre-existing

Games to Play at Tropical Luaus

What kind of entertainment should you have at your Hawaiian luau?pineapple and lei image by William Berry from Fotolia.comGuests enter the backyard in their Hawaiian shirts and tanned women wearing grass skirts grace them with multi-colored leis. Their long shiny hair swishes over their...

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft Ideas

Create your own centerpieces for a Thanksgiving dinner.Jupiterimages/ ImagesWhen you throw a Thanksgiving party or you host a Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends, don't forget about the centerpieces. Table centerpieces will enhance your dinner or party and help set...

Different Gifts for Women

The key to a great gift is to give her something she wants but can't or won't give herself. Think about what she needs but doesn't have, or wants but can't afford. Is there something she has always wanted to do but hasn't had the time or the opportunity? Is there something that needs to be accomplis

How to Make Homemade Sonny and Cher Hippie Costumes

With all the attention being paid to the anniversary celebration of Woodstock, now is a great time to go to your Halloween party dressed as those musical favorites from the 60's, Sonny and Cher. These are easy-to-do costumes, not to mention a lot of fun!

Christmas Shopping Ideas For Active Moms

As being a mom, it is expected from us to organize gifts for our children. Regardless of how hectic we are with our profession and taking good care of our houses in the same time, we just cannot miss the Christmas season without creating it unique for our kids, and even our husband, too. Of course,

Gifts for a Baby's Christening

The christening of a baby is a momentous occasion worthy of celebrating with a unique gift. Embroidered items, photo frames and religious keepsakes are each an excellent choice for a christening gift. As an alternative, consider monetary gifts that will grow along with the baby. Mark this occasion w

Teacher Appreciation Candy Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for the special teacher in your life can be a challenge. If she happens to have a sweet tooth, then a special candy gift may be the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate all of her hard work. Whether you are celebrating teacher appreciation day, giving a gift for t

5 Holiday Recycling Tips

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration - But it can also be a time of waste. People often throw all kinds of things away during the holidays and create all kinds of trash that ends up in the l

Baby Birthday Card Ideas

Baby birthday cards are given when a child is a newborn or when he reaches his first birthday. After age one he transitions out of his baby days and into the toddler realm. Decorate a custom-made card for the parents of a newborn or one-year-old child. Choose designs or embellishments that appeal to

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread cakes and cookies have long been a holiday tradition.Discover the origins of this confection and its relationship with the Christmas season.

European Carnival Of Children And Adults

Many countries celebrate carnival. And over many years, Carnival has developed from a traditional religious holiday to a grant public celebration. And Carnival music is an indispensable part of it.