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How to Trim a Guava Tree

The guava tree is capable of reaching a height of 20 feet, which makes it a bit inconvenient to harvest the fruit. Pruning the tree keeps it to the size you want, and strategic pruning, during fruit set, ensures you of larger, higher quality guavas. Because guava trees grow in tropical and subtropic

How to Make Chrono Crusade Costumes

Chrono is the main character in the Japanese manga and animation series, "Chrono Crusade." Although Chrono is a demon, Chrono fights on the side of good, helping Rosette Christopher to defeat evil spirits and rescue her kidnapped brother. In his human form, Chrono has purple hair and is known for

Great Gifts for Men Under 25

Gifts for men under the age of 25 are easy to image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.comMen under 25 years of age usually have some specific interest. Finding a gift that caters to that interest can be easy. If he likes playing a gaming console, get a video game. If he prefers working...

Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday in Texas

Purchasers do not need an exemption certificate in order to be exempt from the state and local sales and use taxes on the qualifying items. They may purchase, without limit, as many of the qualifying items they want during this sales tax holiday.

How to Make Pysanky Eggs

You can use ordinary household materials to decorate Easter eggs in the Ukrainian style called pysanky. Pysanky eggs are made by applying wax to mask areas of the egg before it is dyed. Several layers of wax and colors of dye are used to create intricate, multicolor designs. To apply the wax, you ma

Ideas for a Disney Princesses Centerpiece

Disney princesses make great party themes.Fairy image by Fenia from Fotolia.comLittle girls love Disney princesses, and Disney has a princess that appeals to almost every little girl. It's only natural that a girl would want to have a birthday party or luncheon with one or more Disney...

Easter Food for Kids

Keeping the Easter menu kid-friendly does not have to translate into hours of more work for adults. Aside from setting aside a table just for kids, serve Easter food that kids will not only enjoy eating but can also help to prepare.

Groundhog Day Crafts With Paper Tubes

Finding the groundhog in early February on Groundhog's Day is a popular American tradition. If the groundhog is frightened back into his home by his shadow, more winter is to come! Toilet paper rolls can be used for Groundhog Day crafts to help preschoolers understand how the groundhog pops up from

Christmas in July Around the World

In the United States Christmas in July is used as a marketing tool but there are Christmas related celebrations and festivals going on in other parts of the world. In the southern climates where the cold months are in July many countries celebrate Christmas in July. The celebration in Australia revo

What Are the Benefits of LED Christmas Lights?

LED Christmas lights are brilliant and lights image by Tonda from Fotolia.comIn the past, Christmas lights were incandescent bulbs encased in painted glass. They were large, burned hot, broke easily and flaked with age. Often when one bulb was broken, the entire...

How to Make a Photo Horizontally in Photoshop

It is easy to make a vertical photo horizontal while you are working with it in Adobe Photoshop by either transforming the photo or rotating the canvas. Transforming the image will allow you to rotate, resize, and crop the image, while rotating the canvas rotates the entire image as-is.

How to Hang Wreaths on Alenco Vinyl Windows

The first Christmas wreath was placed on a table with five candles in the center representing each week of advent and the birth of Christ. The circle of the wreath represents eternal life. Hanging a wreath outside on a window has become a Christmas tradition. A wreath can be placed on a slider windo

5 Steps to a Designer Christmas Tree That Will Impress Christmas Guests

If you're having guests for the holidays and want to present your country Christmas Best, we have the solution for you. These five easy tips will get you headed on the right path. Then we'll give you more - more information about decorating for Christmas than you ever thought you'd ne

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is one of those holidays that excite people of all age and gender equally. You can notice smiles on everyone's faces as you stroll in the streets full of decorative coloured lights, artificial or natural snow and shiny windows of the shops. It is nearly impossible not to notice that C

Diabetic Holiday Gift List

I don't know what's on your holiday wish list, but I do know one thing that everyone wants, and that's good health. Of course good health is not something you can give, or even buy, but there are lots of things you can give (or put on your own wish list), that can help you or those yo

Great Cheap Graduation Gifts

Choosing an inexpensive yet meaningful gift can be a great graduation surprise.graduation graffiti image by michele goglio from Fotolia.comGraduating from high school, college, graduate school or any other higher education program is a significant accomplishment. The celebration of that...

Goody Bag Ideas for Athletes

Athletes participate in events to test their mettle and achieve goals. Another boon to attending an event in their chosen sport is a goody bag. When athletes, such as runners or triathletes, pick up their racing bibs and timing chips, those staple items accompany a bag of items that complement their

Journal Christmas Memories

Journal your Christmas memories!This year try something new for the holiday season. Use the Christmas Planner as a guide to assist you during the festive season, then use all the information in the Ch

How to Decorate an Entryway or Archway

When visitors enter your home, the first thing they see is also what they expect of the rest of your home décor. Since the entryway is a representation of your entire home, dedicate a good amount of thought and planning into how you'll decorate it so that it exudes a welcoming and comfortable f

How to Make a Haunted House Shrinky Dink

One of the biggest money makers on Halloween is the haunted house. You can pay money to go inside where you will be scared within an inch of your life. It is not recommended that people with heart conditions participate in this kind of event. The haunted house has scary scenes, people jumping out a