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Saint David's Day Bingo Cards

Saint David (who is known in the Welsh language as "Dewi Sant") is the patron saint of the Wales. Unlike many other contemporary "saints" of Wales, Saint David was officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church (Saint David was canonized by Pope Callixtus II in 1123), and as

Army Obstacle Course Ideas for a Birthday

Army-themed birthday parties are very popular with some children. If you plan to throw one of your own, an obstacle course is a must-have. When designing your obstacle course, think of what you can include that will challenge the children and slow down the length of time it takes them to run through

How to Make Homemade Arm Slings

Slings are used to immobilize, support and protect any part of the body that has been injured. They are most often used to promote the proper healing of a broken or dislocated arm or shoulder. Slings are available to buy in a range of shapes and fabrics, however, it is relatively easy to make a simp

Instructions for an "Iron Man" Costume

When the movie "Iron Man" was released in 2008, it was an instant fan favorite, especially with children looking for a superhero costume for Halloween. But grown-up fans got into the action as well; some even built $4,000 realistic life-size "Iron Man" costumes that looked as good as the computer-ge

Tips For a Healthy Holiday

The holiday season can wreak havoc on even the most organized of households. With all the things we have to do, and only a few weeks to accomplish it all, our stress levels rise rapidly, tiring us and wearing down our bodies.

Importance of Rakhi Festival in India

Rakhi is a festival that celebrates the beautiful bond of love between brothers and sisters. The festival is celebrated by the tying of a rakhi a colourful and decorated band by a sister on her brothers wrist. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana and in 2007 it falls on Augus

Simple Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Candles make any birthday cake special.birthday cake image by Pali A from Fotolia.comCelebrating birthdays is a wonderful family tradition that creates lasting memories for everyone. But sometimes with hectic and full schedules, simplicity needs to take priority. Luckily, there are many...

How to Not Be Anxious for Halloween

Halloween can be a hectic time for an individual or family. Coordinating costumes, attending parties, participating in holiday activities and assembling decorations can lead to a great deal of stress and anxiety. Planning ahead and staying organized can help ease the strain of the occasion and ensur

Holiday Camps for Kids & Teenagers in Australia

Australia has a great deal of activities to offer both kids and teenagers.Australia image by Stefano Maccari from Fotolia.comSchool and summer holidays are the perfect time to give children a break from the routines that they're accustomed to, allow them to travel, make friends from...

Top 5 Things To Do In Flagstaff Arizona On Valentine's Day

Have you ever asked yourself, "What should I do for my love on Valentine's Day"?Here are 5 fun things to do if you are in the Flagstaff Arizona area!These easy ideas will make a Valentine's Day both of you won't forget!

The Predator Alien, The Most Menacing Looking Halloween Costume Around

Halloween for a lot of people is the most favorite part of the year (especially for myself.) The thoughts of getting dressed up, like peter pan, never gets old, and is for all ages from toddlers to us adults, who I do believe actually get more enjoyment out of the whole Whether we choose to make the

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for the Special Season

Although Christmas is synonymous to "gift-giving," it doesn't mean that is has to be an "expensive gift-giving" season. For those who are tight on budget but would want to share something to the special people around them, there are many inexpensive but great Christmas gift

Use Your Toaster Oven To Make Holiday Ornaments

Sure, you could walk into a store and buy some really beautiful holiday ornaments and hang them on your tree and around the house. And yes, that probably would give a cheery holiday feel to your home. But it's nothing compared to the special feeling you'll get from making your own holiday

How Are Christmas Lights Wired?

Main WiresChristmas light wiring is fairly simple and straightforward. The bulbs are set up in a series with each bulb connected to the next. The main wire comes from the plug that is connected to the wall. It is run to the first bulb in the line and attached to one side of it. Wire is...

Birthday Fundraiser Ideas

If your birthday is approaching, consider turning your day of celebration into a cause for celebrating others. Make your birthday into a fundraiser that will benefit those who can use a little extra help. There are a variety of simple ways to get involved -- and to involve the people you love.

Are We Losing The Christian Meaning of Christmas?

A few years ago I wrote a special report about the influence of our current culture on the Christian meaning of Christmas. In it, I share some stories that startled me and make me concerned about the future of our country.

How to Make Your Man a Gift Basket

Admit it--sometimes it's hard to think of a gift that will delight a guy. Maybe your guy has everything he needs. Or he insists on telling your exactly what he wants or says he doesn't want anything at all. Well, how about giving him several small things that will please him, all wrapped up in a bas