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Historical Fiction Books Set in World War II

Historical fiction combines truth and fantasy.Antique books image by Alice from Fotolia.comHistorical fiction attempts to capture both historical nuance and dramatic tension. Although works of historical fiction often contain invented personalities, authors try to maintain a fidelity to...

Contemporary women writers in English

: This paper gives insights into each “modus operandi” adopted by some of the women luminaries of Indian writing in English. Their mission and vision of their writing career, the influences with which

History of Hawaiian Leis

Lei is Hawaiian for garland or wreath, objects strung together for placement around the neck. The lei has become the most popular and enduring symbol of Hawaii.

Was Karl marx an social Democratic philospher

karl Marx was often labled as an radical,who belives that being rich is a crime and being different is a crime,was Karl Marx missunderstood by other dictators and leaders of undeveloped countries.

Something I Said

Book review of: Something I Said: Essays on Domestic Abuse, Rape, Relationships and Other Critical Social Issues by Dwight Hobbes

Basic Tarot Card Meanings

It may seem like a daunting task to learn the tarot. There are 78 cards, each with its own distinct meaning. One of the easiest ways to familiarize yourself with the deck is to look at the cards in terms of their patterns and themes.

How to Conduct a Tarot Card Reading

Some people believe the information learned in a tarot reading can be helpful for finding solutions to life's challenges, but according to the American Association of Professional Psychics, tarot cards did not start out as a mystical tool. The portion of the deck known as the major arcana were the o

Books turned into movies

Every year thousands of films are released into cinemas across the world and onto DVD and Blu-Ray. With these huge Hollywood blockbusters racking in millions of pounds every day, it is undoubtedly a v

The Peter Shandy Series by Charlotte Macleod

If you enjoy mysteries that make you laugh out loud, try this series.Both the characters and the plots are outrageously funny and the characters stay true to form throughout the series.

Idaho's Bear Lake Valley is an Inspiring Country

Idaho's Bear Lake Valley is a stunning and tranquil place to visit. Looking down from the crest of the mountain, one may see flat rich meadowland spread out for miles and miles between the mo

How to Intrepret Short Stories

Interpreting a short story is both a subjective and objective pursuit. It is objective in the application of plot structure to the work. It is subjective in terms of what the reader brings to or remembers from the piece. The worldview or belief system of both the story's writer and its readers al

The History of Beowulf

A number of major films have made "Beowulf" a household word, yet many people do not know the origins of this story of monsters and brave warriors. Far from being a Hollywood creation, "Beowulf" films are based on the oldest surviving epic tale in British literature. The heroic struggle by the hero,

We prefer the waste recycling machine

Waste glass recycling plant machinery by 9 units, a feed hopper bottle, bottle conveyor, crusher, conveyor plant broken glass powder, sifting, mixing machine, one for cooking and particle size analyze

How to Unlock a Door in Brightwood in "Fable 2"

Numerous treasures lie behind the Demon Doors of Albion in "Fable II," but gaining entrance isn't easy. There's always a riddle to solve or an obstacle to overcome. The Brightwood Demon Door is particularly demanding, and makes several requirements before letting you through. You can do ev

Mike Hammer vs. Sherlock Holmes

Mike Hammer was one of the most popular characters in American detective fiction with Mickey Spillane selling over 200 million copies worldwide of his novels. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherloc

Ideas for Writing Teen Novels

Teen novels are enjoying "a golden age," according to a press release from the American Library Association about its 2008 Teen Read Week. Teen novels are commonly referred to as YA (young adult) novels. YA novelists want to take advantage of this unprecedented success, but may wonder how to uneart