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Feds Close Websites Trafficking In Fakes - Repercussions for Internet Marketers?

Cyber Monday saw a federal crackdown of 82 websites accused of trafficking in counterfeit goods. The U.S. Justice Department has confirmed a massive increase of website closures, including seizures of domain names. Will the upturn in legal surveillance impact internet marketers? What repercussions s

Obama and Bush - The Differences

The differences between George W. Bush and our now President Obama never cease to amaze me. I certainly don't think that everything Bush did was the correct path to take,especially in issues of a financial and of an economic nature, but over all, his pluses far outweigh his negatives. and I fee

Donald Trump For President: Campaign 2012

After more than three decades in the property business, multiple bankruptcies, several highly publicized scandals and a hit television series, Donald Trump is being encouraged by young Republicans to try his hand at politics.The transitional success of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from

Learning from the western media

Liberty of expression and mockery are two different things; that is the important point to be kept in mind. Just cast a look at the talk shows of BBC and CNN; the anchors always remain impartial, unbi

Can We Afford a Visionary For a President Now?

F Scott Fitzgerald said in the opening of The Great Gatsby, "I was going to become that most limited of all specialist the well rounded man. This isn't an epigram, life is more successfully looked at from a single window after all." Certainly President Obama is that most limited of sp

Education and The Internet

Are we just are fooling ourselves if we think we can we can shackle either the internet, or do the same with our children. The internet is an organically growing medium that reflects humanity, and any attempt to divert this flood will surely not end in success. Similarly our children are inquisitive

What Does Our Culture's Dress Down Mean?

It seems that nearly everywhere I go, people are dressing casual for events that once virtually mandated more formal attire. What, if anything, is the meaning behind our dress down culture?

Latest Hindi Movie Reviews

The most important feature of these reviews is that they can be found by the viewers with a minimal effort. The hindi movie reviews are published in almost all the news papers. Not only the print medi

Why People Outside of Law Enforcement Also Need Interviewing Skills

Although there are some obvious differences between law enforcement interviews and non-law enforcement interviews, these differences lie chiefly in the subject matter. The techniques, goals and methods are remarkably similar, whether you are an employer interviewing an employee or a homicide cop int

Are You Living A Life That Matters?

How has your life changed what is happening around you? How have you helped your community by the way you live your life and reached out to others? Read on, and see how you can impact your city and surroundings.

State News Is Available Now!

News is considered as the vital part of everyone’s life. News can be on any happening. All of you should be well-known about every type of news. In the entire world media has become enriched with the advancement of technology.

The Fundamentals Of Good Water Damage Restoration

There is no assurance of safety nowadays. Accidents do happen all the time. The troubles and incidents that any individual experience as they strive in typically happen. There are lots of reasons behind these unwanted happenings.

4 Good Reasons to Buy Things at Government Auctions

Did you know that government auctions are a very good way of picking up all sorts of goods at reasonable prices? Many government agencies such as the customs, police, ATF or even FBI periodically confiscate goods from criminals because of various reasons. They conduct auctions from time to time in o

Breathe Deeply - But Hold Your Nose

I have been hearing from Washington how wonderful the new cap and trade bill is and how it is going to solve the world greenhouse gas pollution problem. Of course no one has yet established or proven that CO2 gases are pollution, but that's OK. There is a working device that removes CO2 from th