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Delilah's Den: Mind-Blowing Heart-Stopping Sexual Unions

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The Need for Uninhibited Sexual Communication Let's face it: we are all involved (entangled, enmeshed, entertained) in some type of relationship. Whether these relationships are satisfying or not, our mental/physical/emotional state ...

Should We Use the Alpha Course?

Many churches have bought into the Alpha program, spearheaded these days by Nicky Gumbel of London. Before you do the same, pastor or leader, I suggest you consider some of the issues his course introduces.

On Originality and Divine Revelation

An underlying assumption of many criticisms of Jesus' teachings or of the Bible itself seem to include the absurd notion that a teaching must be unique to the Bible in order to be divinely inspired. This point is never actually argued. Given that humans are made in the image of God, we actually

What Types of Clothing Did the People in the 1830s Wear?

Dressing and clothing an American family in the 1830s was a significant responsibility. There was no such thing as a sewing machine, and the large task was often left to women. Every stitch of sewing was done by hand, so large wardrobes were rare. A great proportion of time was spent producing and c

End of Life Procedures

As a large percentage of Americans come close to retirement age and changes in how heath care is managed come to the forefront, people are putting a lot more focus on end-of-life procedures. It is best to decide on a plan of action while you are still healthy. You don't want others second=guessing y


Reiki Techniques Card Deck - Heal Yourself Intuitively. Image Gallery

Jesus My King

"Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!" (Luke 19:38) Jesus comes as king to those of us who believe in Him. He comes in to set up His Government and write His law within our hearts. He comes to establish His kingdom within us, and

Honor Your LDS Missionary

For those people who send off an LDS missionary, there is a void that is left in their hearts as a person of their family sets off to the corners of the earth. The family member feels empty and wishes they could have their loved one back, but the know that what the missionary is doing is good for th

Top 10 Weekly Christian Music Hits

Chris Tomlin and Bebo Norman are in the top spots this week and there are plenty of new faces in the crowd. Joy Williams, Seven Places, Newsboys and Overflow debut this week with their latest singles.

Church Classroom Ideas

Christianity teaches children not only about the story of God, but also about proper morals and ethics. As a facilitator, it is important to present the story of the Bible and our role on Earth in a way that is fun and non-intimidating. By creating activities that interest the children, you can help

All Worked Up

Do you have to get all worked up to receive from God in a meeting? Is the Word of God itself powerful enough to melt the heart of stone?

How to Replace a Foreign Issued Birth Certificate

If you are a United States citizen born in another country and you've lost your original birth certificate, you can apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America, or form FS-240. This is approved by the federal government to serve as your birth certificate