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World Cup Nostalgia: Italia 90

Memories of Italia 90 To some Italia 90 was the worst tournament in the long history of the World Cup. They point to the record low goals per game of 2.21 which has never been ...

Derek Jeter 1993 Rookie Baseball Cards

When Derek Jeter collected his career 3,000th career hit, he wrote his ticket into the hall of fame. On July 9th, 2011 Jeter drove a David Price fastball deep into the left center field seats for his 3,000th career hit. Value of Derek Jeter Rookie Baseball cards will only go up as time goes on.

Better Golf Techniques Part Two

The second in a weekly series on how to improve your golf game.This series is geared to the novice and will address a different technique each week.So watch for new articles on a weekly basis.

Kickboxing for Women's Self Defense

Martial arts is an increasingly popular fitness activity for men, but most women seem to be more interested in traditional means of maintaining their health. While the gym, yoga, and the swimming pool offer excellent opportunities for daily exercise, kickboxing provides the same opportunity while al

Bicycle Riding And Wearing Helmets

Bicycle riding takes place all around the world, ranging from a functional means of day-to-day transport to recreation and competition. It is relatively harmless on its own, but introduce the motor car and you have ...

Does Protein Build Muscle? Another Bodybuilding Myth

Bodybuilding and gaining muscle has never been complex like today. Several myths and fake tips are flowing around. One of which is about protein intake correlation and building muscles. Read and learn.

Magnificent Anemone Photos

Photograph of a Magnificent Anemone, Heteractis magnifica, taken on a Mozambique diving trip. Mozambique diving offers a wide variety of marine life, including the Magnificent Anemone.

F1 Drivers Compete With Each Other on the Track - But Work Together Off It

Can a score of the world's most competitive people agree on a common cause? When it's about their collective self-interest, of course or, at least most of the time. Formula 1 drivers normally spend their weekends fighting for the same piece of glory. But they regularly meet under the banne

Fu Mingxia

Photos and images from past women's Olympic platform diving competition.

How to Pick a Stand in Large Hardwoods

If you are about to hunt deer in a big track of hardwoods, how do you know where to setup your stand?Here's some tips to help narrow down your choice of stand location and maximize your chance of connecting with your buck!

Four Steps to Organize Your Little League Practice

The only chance you have as a Little League Coach is try and get yourself organized. I have listed out the very basic steps to organize your practice. You have so so many constraints on you it very difficult to get all the practice completely covered. The amount of practice time is limited maybe to

February 2015 PRCA Rodeo Schedule

Find upcoming rodeos all across the country in February of 2015 as well as links to results as those rodeos are completed.

Creating A Home Pool Room

Even in top competition, pool shooters dress casually, not needing expensive protective clothing, gloves or uniforms as in other sports. The pool season lasts year-round indoors! Just bring "yo' bad self", and your personal...

Ben Henderson Talks Jamie Varner, Shane Roller, and What's Next

Ben Henderson is going to be a force in the WEC lightweight division. This interview delves into his thoughts regarding a possible match up with Jamie Varner, his martial arts background, his recent victory over Shane Roller, and more.

NBA Basketball: Knicks Need Not Take a Chance on 'Melo

Carmelo Anthony has been on the trading block, and after the New Jersey Nets turned down an opportunity to make a deal for the scoring star, the next team to find itself immersed in rumor was the New York Knicks. Would it be worth it for the Knicks to explore a deal, especially as they looked - at l

Choosing a Canoe - Some Tips on Construction Methods

Today canoe construction has moved away from the traditional materials such as wood and aluminum towards more modern synthetic materials such as polyethylene and Kevlar impregnated with fiberglass. Different materials each have their advantages and disadvantages and which one is best for your new ca