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Marl Spends The Day Collecting Dynamic Stock Content

A stock picking software is capable of providing dynamic stock content. The robot named Marl possesses a database, which is constantly evolving and expanding in size, patterns and information.

What Is the Difference Between the Ask Price & the Actual Price of a Stock?

In stock trading jargon, several terms are used to refer to the price of a particular stock, such as ask price, bid price, offer price and actual price. Understanding the language makes evaluating an investment much easier. For example, knowing the difference between the various prices can help you


One of the basic laws of physics is that a body in motion will remain in motion unless disturbed by another force. What has this to do with the stock market?

Ideas For Fundraisers Are Most Successful When Your Products Are Donated

If you are struggling with ideas for fundraisers there are lots of ideas to choose from. You can have an auction, a bean dinner, or a bake sale; you could even have a raffle. Just remember you want to keep you expenses low, get everything donated that you possibly can because it makes for much more

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Bullet Advisory Analyses Indian Stock Market Nifty Stocks Call Put OptionsBullet Advice For Indian Stocks Weekly –market may take breather after sharp run up

Bear Hold on Stock Market Likely to Continue

There will be short-term bull rallies, but it seems likely that the bear that gripped the market in 2007 will hold on for many years. This article provides a simple conceptual framework for analyzing the stock market's likely path going forward.

High Risk Mutual Funds & Saving Accounts for Children

With the high cost of secondary education, many people are looking for long-term investments that help grow savings for children. Many advisers relate risk to time frame, suggesting that longer-term investments can withstand the extreme ups and downs of high-risk mutual funds. On the opposite end of

Binary Options - Derivatives That Can Provide Steady Returns

There is little doubt that the spectacular collapse of the global financial services industry between 2007 and 2009 brought one type of investment product into the spotlight: derivatives. In all fairness though, one can attribute the banking crisis more on poor control weaknesses (e.g. inadequate ri

3 Reasons Why Stocks Move

Have you ever wondered why stock prices move up, move down and sometimes stay stagnant? I will explain the 3 reasons behind these seemingly random movements and how you can profit from them.

Global Market Capitalization of Stock Markets

Market capitalization is the total value of a company's stock. Stock market capitalization adds up the market capitalization of all of the stocks traded on the market or exchange. A country's total market capitalization provides the value of the businesses that are publicly traded in that country.

Why People Lose Money in the Stock Market: 3 Biggest Reasons

What are the most common reasons why many investors end up losing money in the stock market? More importantly, what can we do to prevent this from happening? Here are three of the biggest reasons why you might be losing money in the stock market.

Of Stocks and Dividends

Investing in stocks cannot only be a financially-rewarding experience, but should also be something that gives you a sense of accomplishment. After all, having a stock in a company also means that you also own ...

Looking For a Stock Broker Online?

Are you looking to find a stock broker online? There are many different places that you can go with. But, who is the best? In this article, you will soon discover the information you need, to be able to get the best! Discover the information that can make all the difference in your trading! Read it

How Much U.S. Debt Does China Own?

China owns a large, and growing, percentage of the United States' debt. How large is China's position in U.S. Treasuries, and does it matter?

Taxes on Savings Bonds That Are Cashed

U.S. saving bonds generate interest payments every six months, which then accumulate until you cash in the bond. You owe federal income tax on the interest payments. You can opt to pay the tax every year, but most people pay in a lump sum when they cash in the bond. The rate is the same as your inco

5 Factors in Favor of Online Futures Trading

In today's climate of uncertainty and global upheaval in markets, there are only few investments that seem secure. But more importantly, many individuals are beginning to notice that financial managers entrusted with investing others' money ...

How to Invest in Penny Stocks - Some of the Complications

Many people are interested in them, but often have only the faintest idea of how to invest in penny stocks. This term, usually interchangeable with microcap stocks or nano stocks, refer to those stocks that trade under five dollars. A more general definition would instead refer to the aggregate valu

Understanding Stock Market Trading And Commodity Trading Tips

The commodity market is growing tremendously, and traders are beginning to enter the market. It is true that the commodity market has driven economies of many first class countries over the past few years. However, the commodity market remains volatile. This requires that traders familiarize with ti