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How to Calculate Reimbursable Miles

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows for mileage reimbursement in the form of a tax deductible for miles traveled for business, medical, moving, or charitable activities. This rate changes from year to year and is readily available on the IRS website. As with many things tax related, it is impo

What Is Tax Deductible on a HUD Settlement Statement?

The federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act requires real estate closing agents to provide property buyers and sellers with a document known as the HUD 1 prior to the closing. This document details all of the costs the buyer and seller incurred as a result of the transaction. Some of the charg

Tax Deductible Moving Costs

If you move to take a new job, your moving expenses may be tax deductible. This also applies to self-employed individuals. This deduction applies whether the move occurs within the United States or involves moving to or from a location abroad. However, there are time and distance requirements that m

The Tax Consolidation Act

The Tax Consolidation Act of 1997 was a comprehensive set of taxation reforms passed by the parliament of Ireland. It was aimed at bringing about unprecedented changes into the nature of the system of taxation in Ireland. It sought to address existing stumbling blocks in the taxation system by doing

1099 Gasoline Tax Deduction Laws

Deduct the cost of filling up when you drive for business purposes.Refuelling by gasoline of the modern car image by terex from Fotolia.comThe Internal Revenue Service allocates Form 1099 as a way to document income paid to a subcontractor. Subcontractors incur business-related expenses,...

Alabama State Tax Filing Requirements

Tax filing requirements vary depending on personal factors in the State of Alabama.alabama flaggen symbol image by Marty Kropp from Fotolia.comUnder Alabama state law, different rules apply to different people as to whether or not they must file state income taxes. Factors include...

Rules for Filing Taxes

The filing of a U.S. federal individual income tax return is subject to a number of rules. Although it may seem complex at first, only a few of them need to be mastered by most taxpayers. You will need to know when to file, which form to use, how to calculate your taxes, what to do if you file late,

How to Protest the Value of Your Property

If you believe the current assessment of your property value is in error -- excessive compared to recent home sales in the area -- you can protest it. County-level government agencies' procedures for doing this differ from state to state. The county Board of Assessment or Board of Adjustment is resp

How to Install a Wind Turbine in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Installing a residential wind turbine in Montgomery County, Pa., involves more than purchasing materials and hiring contractors. Most communities have zoning ordinances in place that dictate what property owners can and can't do on their land. Even small wind turbines will have to go through a permi

VAT Credit Rules

Value Added Tax credits are subject to rules administered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customsunion jack button image by Darren White from Fotolia.comValue Added Tax (VAT) is a sales tax applied to the sales of goods and services supplied in the United Kingdom. When a business registers...

How to Obtain a Certified Copy of My Tax Return for Immigration Filings

If a taxpayer needs a certified copy of his tax return for immigration purposes, he can receive a copy of his tax return directly from the Internal Revenue Service. The cost for this service is $57 for each tax return, as of 2010. The tax return will include any attached documents originally sent in

Two Levels of Government That Can Levy Taxes

In many ways, it is not false to state that taxes come at you from all directions. In this day and age, there are a variety of levels of government that are granted taxing authority of different types. Two levels of government that are responsible for imposing a range of different types of taxes are

What to Do If You Don't Get a W-2

IRS Form W-2 is essential for most U.S. tax returns. The W-2 not only contains crucial figures such as an employee's total wages or salary and the amount withheld, it also has the employer's tax ID and other information needed to complete a tax return. U.S. law requires employers to issue Form W-2 t

Define Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax should not be confused with estate tax. Estate taxes are collected by the federal government, and inheritance taxes are only collected by some states. Not all states have an inheritance tax.

What Is the Home Energy Affordability Tax Relief Act?

Hard times call for drastic measures, and some families are forced to choose between heating their residence or filling the refrigerator. Local energy-assistance plans attempt to keep people connected, but it's an uphill battle against rising energy costs. Congressman John McHugh (R-New York) has in

How to File an Idaho State Tax Return

The Idaho Tax Commission describes its mission as providing "courteous, quality services and to administer the state's tax laws in a fair, timely, and cost-effective manner to benefit Idaho citizens." It operates under the executive branch and has offices in six cities in the state. Residents of I

Tax Planning Questions

Tax planning can be a daunting task.A young woman holding a pen, doing her taxes image by Christopher Meder from Fotolia.comFiling your taxes is not something that you should begin thinking about at the last minute. The best way to tackle your income taxes is through tax planning, which...

How to Calculate Exempt Value

An exemption is an amount of money directly deducted from your taxable income. In 2010, the exemption amount was $3,650 for every dependant person claimed in your household. The federal exemption amount changes annually, so it is important to check the IRS website for the annual updated exemption am

Tax Write-Offs After Your Baby Is Born

There are several tax deductions and credits available to you after you have a baby. Some of the child-related tax benefits are available based on your income and filing status, while others are available to taxpayers with children regardless of income. Some benefits simply offer a reduction in the

Government Benefits of Being Married

Marriage is a social institution in which two people have a contractual relationship that is recognized by the government. Married couples are privileged with many legal rights that can be financially advantageous or provide protections that are not available to unmarried people.Income...