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Petrópolis Winter Festival

The Petropolis Winter Festival, with concerts and other cultural events, is a top attraction in this popular mountain destination near Rio de Janeiro.


Bar Pinguim is the Belo Horizonte branch of one of Brazil's most famous draft beer bars, opened in Ribeirao Preto, SP in 1936.

Wooden Ceiling

Colinas da Lagoa, a pousada in a residential area at Lagoa da Conceicao, is one of the most charming places to stay in Florianopolis, Brazil. Read a review and view photos of Colinas da Lagoa.

Gramado Hotels

Gramado hotels are a gateway to the mountain comforts and European charms of this favorite mountain destination in Brazil.

Barreirinhas, MA

View photos of Lencois Maranhenses National Park, one of Brazil top natural attractions.

Bistrô da Leila

Bistro da Leila, by reservation only, is one of the best culinary finds in Florianopolis. Discover this bistro with great food and monthly events.

Unidos do Viradouro

Unidos do Viradouro is a samba school from Niteroi which parades in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Read about Viradouro and its plans for Carnival 2009.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Itapuã, in Salvador, lures travelers with its beach, lighthouse, acaraje, Afro-Brazilian syncretism and neighborhood feel.

Lomo de Corvina

Photos of Eñe Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, one of the top Spanish restaurants in Brazil.


The Corcovado can be seen from various points in the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden.

Ponto dos Sucos

Ponto dos Sucos, a Manaus juice shop near Hostel Manaus and Palacio Rio Negro, serves great Amazon fruit juice and budget meals.

Floral Arrangement Show 2013

Expoflora, an annual flower show in Holambra, a Dutch-founded city that's the country's largest flower producer, is a burst of color and fun.

Amazonas Shop

Salao do Turismo, an annual travel and tourism fair, takes place in July in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Salao do Turismo, Brazil travelers can book trips and buy food and souvenirs.

Flower Fields

Visits to flower fields in Dutch-founded Holambra can be taken from Expoflora, the city's annual flower show.

Queijo Minas

Queijo Minas is a kind of cheese originally made in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Handcrafted Minas cheese production is a Brazilian Immaterial Cultural Heritage. The cheese is made from raw cow milk and it can be ripened or not.