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First Aid in the Wilderness

Anytime you plan to spend time in the back country, be prepared with the proper equipment and knowledge. In addition to knowing CPR and carrying basic gear, like a folding knife or multi tool with ...

4 Man Tent - How to Break it Down

The final morning of your camping trip, you'll need to break down your 4 man tent.Some novice campers may find difficulty in this simple process.It's easy to disassemble the tent, but it is important that you do it correctly, so the next time you use it, it will be easy and logical to set

How to Fix a Leaking Camping Trailer

A leaky roof on a camper trailer is no fun, but finding the leaks and repairing them is quickly done. Most camper trailers use silicone caulking around the roof and wall seams, which sometimes shrinks or erodes, causing the leaks. Keeping the camper leak-free mitigates molds, mildews or wet gear. Is

The Operation of a Coleman Fuel Stove

The first Coleman fuel stoves were produced as far back as the 1920s. Today, the Coleman name is synonymous with camping equipment, including stoves, but because they are so portable and easy to use, they serve many other purposes as well.

Better Camping Loos

Many of us hate the thought of using toilets on camping holidays. Where such facilities are provided at sites, they rarely seem to be clean or at all pleasant. If you take your own portable solution then this also has its problems.

How to Maintain a Coleman Tent Trailer

Summer is the ultimate season for camping and other outdoor activities. During the summer months, families go out of town or on hiking trips to bask under the sun. A Coleman tent trailer comes with excellent camping gear to provide you with everything that you need during your trip. To get the maxim

Keep Dry With A Poly Tarp

Tarps are handy things to have around and they serve a variety of uses. One of the best uses for those poly tarps however, is that they can keep just about anything of any size dry including people.

Some Of The Important Camping Equipment To Carry During A Trip

Camping gear of good quality is vital because the camper will depend on his or her equipment in the wilderness. For those who feel that cost is a factor, they should consider buying the equipment in an outlet for used equipment and camp clothes in a thrift store. Below is a look at some of the impor

Stay Safe And Have Fun Camping This Winter

Adventure knows no bounds and, likewise, camping knows no season either. You can still enjoy the wilderness in the colder months of the year, but it does require some extra planning and careful attention when you're purchasing and packing your camping gear. Being properly prepared is the most i

Rafting Kayaking and Camping Safety

Safety is one of the most important elements in ensuring an enjoyable and safe trip. How this works depends on the size of your group and the conditions of the area you'll be hiking or camping in, or the river you'll be on.

Why More People Are Getting Into Wilderness Camping

Camping enthusiasts looking for a unique idea for a getaway should look no further than wilderness camping. Wilderness camping has many advantages such as having no need to hurry and no schedule to follow.

Camping in Cape Cod- A Vacation Paradise

Cape Cod is one of America's most beautiful vacation spots. A hub of activity in the summer time, it can also be a beautiful wonderland to visit in the winter. When one thinks of Cape Cod, one thinks of endless sandy beaches, sun, surf and whale watching.

Trailer Park Hash

A camping recipe from Patman. When I was just a boy, I grew up in a very poor trailer park. This is what we ate most of the time. Now when I go camping, it's always a favorite.

Using Portable Toilets at Campsites

Many of us enjoy camping trips but also find that there are some small annoyances involved. Some of these are considerably harder to avoid than others. We may become frustrated by weather conditions and by other seemingly natural events.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Camping

Camping - a favorite family past time and the vacation of choice for people of all ages - has its share of dangers. Aside from hazardous weather conditions and sometimes treacherous surrounding terrain, fuel-powered camping ...

A Woodhaven Firewood Rack is Part of a Safe Camping Trip

Camping in the great outdoors, or even the comfort of your own backyard is a fun time and a bonding experience for the whole family. Building a campfire is an essential part of the camping experience, but also one of the most dangerous parts. Each year fires break out from incorrect campfire procedu

Finding the Right Campground

When you have so many choices to pick from, how do you know that a campground is right for you? Take a look at our list of considerations to help you plan your next camping adventure.