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A Hunting Guide for Canada

Canada has large areas of nature with diverse wildlife. Every year, locals and visitors alike take part in the hunting of various wild animals, that inhabit Canadian forests.

Taught to Grunt Like a Buck Deer - by a Buck Deer!

One morning in the deer woods, a whitetail buck taught me how to grunt. The worst part is, I didn't even realize it at the time! But I put the knowledge to good use when I called in a buck a few hours later...

How to Measure Deer Antlers in Inches

Each spring, deer produce a new set of antlers. As the antlers develop, they are covered in a thin sheath of fuzzy vascular tissue called "velvet," which supplies nutrients to the growing bone. At the end of summer, the velvet falls away leaving mature antlers made of dead bone. These antlers are us

Hunter Safety Course Information

The International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) indicates that in addition to safety, hunter education teaches responsibility and knowledge of acceptable hunting behavior. In addition, it encourages involvement in conservation and hunting organizations. Hunter safety courses can help prevent a

How to Build Catfish Traps

Catching catfish is an honored tradition for many expert and recreational fishermen. But you don't need fancy traps to catch your own. For a simple catfish trap that you can make in about an hour, gather a few simple supplies and start planning your next outing on the water.

Boar Hunting in Wisconsin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture considers Wisconsin one of 12 states with emerging populations of wild hogs after sustained reports of sightings of feral swine beginning in 2007. Echoing the response of other state wildlife departments with transitional hog populations, the Wisconsin Department o

How to Clean Deer Skulls

Many hunters hunt and shoot deer simply because they enjoy the sport and enjoy having venison in the freezer. But some of them -- especially those who shoot a big deer -- want to preserve their trophy. One option is to take it to a taxidermist. Those hunters who do not want to shoulder that expense

How to Construct a Ghillie Suit

Popularized in adventure and action movies, the ghillie suit is the ultimate in localized camouflage, allowing the wearer to completely blend in with his surroundings. Combined with slow and deliberate movement, it can allow the wearer to approach an observer within just a few yards without being de

How to Read a Yardage Book

A yardage book is used on the golf course to give the yardage to the center of the green from many different points on a particular hole. While golf courses do provide on-course markers, these books provide additional detail. Yardage books can come with various levels of information, and many profes

How to Trap a Goat

Goats are fast and agile, so trying to chase one down may leave you tired and empty-handed. The best way to capture a goat is by using your brains, rather than your brawn. To catch a wild goat, build a goat trap in an area where you know goats reside. After that, simply wait for the trap to do the w

Montana Prairie Dog Hunting

Prairie dogs, and several species of closely related ground squirrels, are found throughout eastern Montana, and in a few areas west of the Continental Divide. Although prairie dog hunting is not as popular in Montana as it is in other states in the rodent's Great Plains range, several outfitters an

How to Make a Piping Edge on Pillows

Sometimes when decorating a room, the little touches come together to make the largest impact. Use your sewing skills to construct throw pillows for any room in your home, but don't construct just any pillows. Pillows with piping edges have a professional, store-bought look. You can use piping in a

Public Land Information

Millions of acres of public lands are available for the enjoyment and use of American citizens and their guests. They range from national parks to forests and untamed areas.

How to Determine Your Wader Size

Waders are available in men, women and children's sizes from extra small to 2x with some sporting goods stores carrying larger sizes. Measurements need to be accurate to fit waders to the wearer so that they will last for several years. There are two main types of waders--neoprene and breathable--wi

DIY Home Built Animal Traps

Building animal traps is one way of hunting animals. There are various kinds of animal traps that you can do yourself, the easiest of which is the rabbit snare. A home-built rabbit snare is a good trap to capture rabbits and other small animals such as chipmunks, prairie dogs and squirrels. In some

Tips on Painting a Deer Blind Camo

A deer blind is an effective way to conceal yourself and your movements when hunting. However, the deer blind itself, particularly in the first year or two of placement, can be enough to keep wary deer away if they notice it. Painting your deer blind camouflage will help it blend into the landscape

Guided or Unguided Turkey Hunting in Texas

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, properly licensed Texas hunters, with or without the benefit of a guide, can hunt Rio Grande and Eastern turkey during designated seasons and in specified counties. Turkey hunters also need to purchase an upland game bird stamp endorsement. Seaso

How to Hunt White-Tailed Deer in New England

In 2008, the white-tailed deer production was good in some parts of New England and bad in others. Hunting white-tailed deer in New England is usually productive, in season, all the way up to January. In most New England states the month of January provides the last chance for a hunter to get a deer