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How to Get Gearhead Garage to Work on Vista

Gearhead Garage provides a virtual space for car enthusiasts to create 3-D models. The software conceptualizes custom-built cars from scratch or using premade templates. If you want to use Gearhead Garage for your next auto project, you’ll find that this software was initially designed for Win

How to Apply for a Visa From Jamaica to America

Jamaican citizens traveling to America for tourism must apply for a visa before traveling to the States. Because the visa application process can take several weeks, the U.S. State Department recommends that visitors apply at least a month in advance.

Where Can I Get a Passport Picture Taken?

When applying for a passport, there are certain items you must provide. The rules specify two 2-by-2-inch photographs. Because of the specific measurements, you likely need to have them professionally done rather than take them with your digital camera .

Hong Kong Tourist Visa Requirements

Hong Kong is a top tourism and business destinationhong kong image by Dimitar Atanasov from Fotolia.comHong Kong only requires citizens of some nations to get a tourist visa. However, the amount of time a visitor is allowed to stay in the country varies widely--U.S. citizens can stay up...

How to Get a Russian Visa

So you're planning a trip to Russia and you need to get a visa? The visa process is lengthy and it consists of several parts. Your best bet may be to work with a travel agency that specializes in Russian visas. If you want to get a visa to Russia on your own, however, here's how.

How to Apply For an EU Visa

Thanks to the Schengen Convention of 1985, nationals of the EU countries are able to travel to most other EU countries without a visa, while nationals of many non-EU countries can travel to most EU countries using one visa: the Schengen visa. While no "EU visa" exists, the Schengen is essentially an

How to Apply for a French Visa

Any traveler who does not hold a French or European Union (EU) passport and who plans on heading to France for more than a 90-day stay must apply for a French visa. Whether you plan on working, studying, or permanently relocating to France, applying for a French visa is mandatory under the laws of t

Am I Required to Get a New W9 From a Vendor Each Year?

Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 is used to obtain the taxpayer identification number for an individual or corporation. Companies use this form to obtain TINs for new vendors. After an initial IRS Form W-9 is obtained, companies are not required to obtain updated forms for established vendors; ven

Identity Requirements for U.S. and Canadian Border

United States citizens should pack their passports when visiting Canada.Steve Wisbauer/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesIdentity requirements for travelers have grown more strict since 9/11. In 2004, Congress passed the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which requires people entering the United...

How to Obtain a German Visa

There are several different types of visas offered by the German government. The most common visa that is obtained is the German Tourist visa. This visa allows any person to enter the country for 90 days or less on tourism or business purposes. By being granted this visa the visa holder will be allo

How to Obtain a Visa for Malaysia from Oman

Citizens of many countries can get multiple-month tourist or business visas for Malaysia on arrival, but in some cases you will need to visit the Embassy of Malaysia in Muscat. Follow this step-by-step guide to figure out if you can travel to Malaysia from Oman without a pre-approved visa, or what y

How to Obtain a Transit Visa for Russia

Recent regulations in Russia have made it more complicated for Americans to get a visa. There are several different items that they require and a lot of tasks to complete with tight deadlines. A transit visa for Russia is needed if you are traveling to a third country via a destination in Russia. If

How to Get a Battery to Work for "Pokemon" in VBA

The third generation games of the Pokemon series -- "Pokemon Ruby," "Sapphire" and "Emerald" -- were the first Pokemon games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advanced handheld system. The cartridges included an internal battery which controlled an internal clock that affected the availability and effects o

How to Get a Microphone to Work With AmpliTube for iPhone

The iRig Mic, released by IK Multimedia, is a full-sized and fully functional microphone designed for use with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Using the AmpliTube application, previously released for use with the iRig for electric instruments, effects can be applied to microphone input and recordin

Visa Requirements for United States Citizens to India

India requires all U.S. citizens to enter with a visa.india temple image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comIndia requires all U.S. citizens to apply for a visa before going to India, regardless of the intent of the trip. Be sure to request the correct type of visa, as you cannot change visa...

The Australian Tourist Visa Application Process

Before you pack your bags for your Australian vacation, make sure you have a valid tourist visa to enter the country. Even for trips for fewer than three months, you'll need a visitor visa. The shorter your stay, the easier it is to apply for and obtain a tourist visa, although you should have no tr

How to Find Out if You Need a Visa Abroad

Many countries require visiting foreigners to purchase a visa, "...a stamp in a passport allowing entry into a country for a specific purpose and a finite amount of time," according to the Adventure Travel Company's website. Put finding out the visa requirements for the countries to which you will b

Visa Rules for a Dubai Visit

dubai marina image by Handjani from Fotolia.comThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an Islamic federation of seven regions or kingdoms, including Dubai. The overarching government is based on a constitutional republic, lead by a president and ministerial council. The Federation's culture is...

How to Calculate Miles in a Kilometer

Americans use the imperial measurement system, and the metric system's influence in the United States is mostly reserved for scientific fields of study. The highway system in the U.S. uses miles per hour, and, as a result, many American motorists may need to calculate the number of miles in a kilome

Mexico Immigration Requirements

The Mexican government, through its Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM), grants nine different types of immigration documents to foreign nationals--all of which begin with the initials FM, for "forma migratoria." While some of these documents apply to specific programs or groups, such as agricultu