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How to Install a Pop-Up Camper Top

A pop-up camper that is more than 15 years old will probably need a new canvas top. The sun and inclement weather take a harsh toll on that old canvas, and small patch jobs will only postpone the inevitable. Replacing the canvas top on a pop-up camper should not take more than two or three hours, as

Window Treatments for Campers

Cover camper windows.Camping im Wald image by Julie from Fotolia.comThe last necessity a novice camper would anticipate is window treatments, and if you buy or rent new equipment, the windows of a truck bed camper, pop up camper, camper trailer or van will probably already be covered with...

Information About Rent to Own

Rent to own is a process that allows a prospective business owner or tenant a chance to rent real property or furnishings with an agreement and understanding that the rental process can be converted into a sale of the property or furnishings.

How to Sanitize a Fresh Water Tank in a Motor Home

A motor home's fresh water system keeps the vehicle's drinking and cleaning water isolated form the gray and black wastewater. While the system is designed to prevent contaminated water from entering, it develops mildew or unwanted mold during use. It is a good idea to sanitize the fresh water tank

Nash Trailers: Aluminum Siding Vs. Hard Siding

Nash Travel Trailers are a product line of Northwoods Manufacturing in La Grande, Oregon. All Nash Trailers come standard with aluminum or metal siding. The Arctic Fox is the line Northwoods offers that has hard walls as standard equipment. Floor plans and and construction are almost identical, so e

Travel Supreme Specs

Travel Supreme quality is still prized in recreational travel.rv on highway image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comTravel Supreme began making recreational vehicles in 1989. The Indiana-based company went out of business in the recession of 2008. Travel Supreme motor homes and fifth-wheel RVs...

How to Camp at Moose Walk ATV Trail in Minnesota

While you cannot camp on the Moose Walk Trail specifically, the ATV trail connects with the Red Dot trail system. This set of trails has camping accessibility throughout the Finland Forest where the Moose Walk Trail is located. You can ride your ATV on the trail system and pick exactly where you wis

How to Restore Small Vintage Travel Trailers

Small vintage travel trailers offer opportunities for vacations or alternative housing for small families and independent people alike. Unless the trailer has been impeccably cared for, the trailer will need some love and care. This can be expensive if you desire to stick to parts and an aesthetic o

How to Find a Location by Address

If you have an address, finding a location is very easy because the address is the location. Having an address means the place you're looking for has been mapped, and a number of resources are avaiable to help direct you to a specific address. You could use a map, street guide, the Internet, or GPS

Does Your RV Need an Extended Warranty?

When you make an investment as big as an RV, you have to consider extended warranty coverage to weather you through the toughest travels. Here's what you need to know about RV extended warranties.

RV Parks Near Haliburton, ONT

Aloquin Park offers a variety of nature to viewWinter Stream image by mhiser from Fotolia.comThe village of Haliburton, Ontario, Canada is a popular site for vacations due to its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The county of Haliburton includes Algonquin Park, which...

How to Seal a RV Roof Top Air Conditioner

RV rooftop air conditioners are sealed with a sponge rubber gasket. These gaskets can deteriorate over time and cause leaks. Or you may even find that the sponge rubber gasket was serviced or installed incorrectly and it caused the normal air conditioner condensation to pool and leak into the RV.

Travel Trailer Parks in Beaumont

Trailer travel in Beaumont, Texas.rv image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comFans of trailer traveling enjoy taking a little bit of home with them as they go. Riding in an RV/trailer means you don't need a hotel room; just pull into an trailer-friendly resting spot and relax. Travel trailer...

Trailer Camping in Ontario

Ontario is a camper's paradise due to the large amount of acreage set aside in provincial parks and natural attractions. Trailer campers can have their pick of beautiful settings because there are no mountain roads to negotiate so you can camp in almost every campground across the province. Paved ro

How to Tow a 5 Wheel Camper

Towing a fifth wheel travel trailer adds a new dimension to the performance of your towing vehicle. With the added weight behind the tow truck, braking becomes harder and your turn radius is affected. Before you head down the highway for camping adventures, go over some basic towing procedures with

Tennesse Motorcycle Hotels

hotel image by RAMON CAMI from Fotolia.comThere are many ways to travel and many places to go, but seeing Tennessee from a motorcycle is a unique travel experience. Tennessee welcomes bikers from all walks of life. Starting in the spring, Tennessee's beautiful country views and winding...

3 Ways to Buy Cheap Used Motorhomes

Buying a motorhome is expensive. Here's 3 ways to buy cheap used motorohomes and take advantage of everything they have to offer on and off the road.

RV Campgrounds near Woodland Park, Colorado

View of the majestic Rocky Mountainsrocky mountains image by Peter Walenzyk from Fotolia.comWoodland Park, Colorado, dubbed "The City above the Clouds," is a popular tourist attraction because of its stunning views of Pikes Peak, historical features, and recreational opportunities....

5 Kentucky RV Parks You Must Visit

Kentucky, the Blue Grass State, offers RVers a chance to take in the wonders of nature through a variety of activities, parks and more. Click here for 5 of the best RV parks in Kentucky.

How to Troubleshoot an RV Black Tank Valve

An RV black water system isolates sewage and raw waste in a holding tank. The system is a closed one, allowing the raw waste and sewage to be away from the fresh water tanks where the drinking and cleansing water is housed. Working on a black water tank with a stuck valve requires the use of goggles