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Making a Will Under Thai Inheritance Law

If a foreigner in Thailand makes a last will for assets in Thailand he can exclude assets outside Thailand. A will in Thailand must be made in a form as specified in the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand. This article explains the 5 basic forms how to make a valid last will under Thai law.

How to Find Out if Someone Has a Notice of Deportation

Deportation can cause stress and hardship. It is scary to think that U.S. officials are aggressively seeking to detain you and then make you leave the country. Deportation will likely result in a travel ban. You will not be able to enter the United States, even as a visitor, for years after deportat

Updating Your Will When Getting Married

Getting married is a time when there is enough to worry about. There are a million things that need to be done for just the wedding. After the wedding is over a new marriage can have a huge impact on your estate plan. It is always important to review and update your will prior to getting married and

How to Cite Plato's Symposium

Providing publication information in footnotes, endnotes and bibliographies provides authority, which supports claims made in academic papers, books and journals contributions. Follow the style required by the discipline for which you are writing when citing Plato's "Symposium." Style guides include

Difference Between Living Trust & Wills

Most individuals, regardless of financial status, have assets and some type of "estate." Living trusts, wills and living wills afford us the opportunity to protect those assets however we see fit. These legal documents serve specific purposes for "disposing" of an "estate." You can have all three or

How to Add a Name to a Mortgage Title

There are many legitimate reasons to add a name to your mortgage title or property deed. You may want to add your spouse, you intend on selling the home, or you need to add someone to borrow against the equity of the home. However, you still need to retain control of the title--otherwise, you might

How to Find SQL Injections in WordPress

The SQL injection hack lets a malicious person obtain your Wordpress database information and gain administrative privileges on the blog to insert spam links or other malicious content. Each form on your WordPress blog is susceptible to the SQL injection hack. You can use basic SQL statements in tho

How to Find Congressional Records

One of the simplest ways to stay in touch with what's going on in the United States government is by reading Congressional Records, which can tell you everything you need to know about what Congress is up to and what actions, if any, they've taken recently.

Defending Against Abuse of a Power of Attorney

Attorneys will advise you that you should have a power of attorney. A Power of Attorney is an important document that allows someone else to handle your affairs if you have difficulty or are unable to do so. With age and illness, a Power of Attorney often becomes necessary.

How to Create a Wrestler on a PSP

"WWE All Stars" for the PlayStation Portable lets players build unique wrestlers using the Create a Superstar game mode. Gamers not only control the appearance of created wrestlers, but also the move set, grappling moves and the finishing move. After creating their wrestler, gamers can pla

How to Create Darts in Tunisian Crochet

A dart is a technique most often used in sewing to gather fabric together in order to create a shape that fits the contours of the body. For example, darts are often seen beneath the bust line of sewn shirts, to allow the fabric to expand over the chest and narrow as it goes down the abdomen. Darts

The Definition of a Quitclaim Covenant

A quitclaim covenant, more commonly known as a quitclaim deed, is a legal document used by a grantor to transfer interest in a property to which the grantor has title. Grantors most often use quitclaims to transfer title or interests in title directly to family members, close associates or children

Writing a Will Is Important, But It Is More Important To Get It Right

Drawing up a Will doesn't have to be a daunting or costly prospect, but also there are also a few warnings as to how things could go very wrong if you decide to cut corners. This article provides a straightforward viewpoint on the importance of writing a will and why it is advisable to use a so

Safe Deposit Box Laws

Valuable jewelry is often stored in a safe deposit box.diamond rings image by OMKAR A.V from Fotolia.comSafe deposit boxes have been used for centuries to safeguard valuables. The box offers privacy, security and a place to store important items that are difficult to replace....

Writing & Literacy Stations for Kindergarten

Your kindergarten students are probably not reading and writing yet. Still, you can teach your kindergartners the basics of writing and literacy, such as the alphabet, writing their name and putting a sentence together. Make these activities more fun by setting up writing and literacy stations aroun

How to Find the Maximum Pressure Tendency

Air pressure refers to the weight of the air pressing down on the ground. It can be used to predict changes in the weather. Pressure tendency is the characteristic and amount of change in air pressure over a specific period of time, usually three hours. You can calculate air pressure and find maximu