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Teaching Yoga as Therapy

Yoga, in itself, has always been therapy - in every shape and form. If you look at a promising athletic child, or a student in a wheel chair, you will clearly see healthy results, which are mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, in nature.

Karmic Yoga-the Action Reflection Mode

There are many things necessary to improve the quality of life for all beings in the world and even the earth itself.Rabbi Cooper, a Cabbalist, in his book God is A verb wrote that the Kabala is based on the precept that we are all human beings sparks of the Divine embedded in us.These sparks are th

The Purpose of Yoga - Problem Solving Skills

So, what is the answer to solving life's many problems?Firstly, people who consistently solve difficult problems remain calm, even when everyone around them is in "panic mode."A person, who can react calmly in the face of danger, while everyone else is filled with panic, has a trained

Denise Austin Yoga Body Burn Reviews

Denise Austin yoga body burn reviews are everywhere the internet. The review is like a peek of what's going on the yoga burn classes. So if you are one of those people who love to silence your mind the right way (and that is by breathing right in between yoga poses), you have to get into this s

What Yoga Information Can You Find on Its Benefits?

Julie couldn't believe she had said yes to attending a yoga class. This wasn't normally something she would do, as she tended to prefer a more difficult workout. On a regular day, most people would find her pumping iron or getting in her mileage.

The Yoga Scripture - Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras

Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras, covers many different aspects of life within a text. It starts with the code of conduct and ends with the initial goal of yoga in accordance to one finding their true self. In essence, Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras is one of the most authoritative texts on yoga.

Yoga Styles

Yoga is an awesome way to take care of yourself. Anyone can benefit from the practice, but it is not one-size-fits-all. There are many styles, classes and teachers. The key is finding the one that fits you!

Maui Meditation - Form and Fundamentals

If you are into meditating, then you may have heard of Maui meditation. However, it is also likely that all you know is the term. While helpful, this type of meditation is also quite elusive.

What is Yoga?

A definition of yoga you can understand. Also, what are yoga poses, what's a yoga practice, and what to expect in yoga classes.

Yoga Certification Success

After successful graduation from a Yoga teacher training program, you may want to take the shortest track to success. Sometimes, this topic is not discussed during a teacher intensive, but most interns desire professional success.

The Real Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is helpful for mental equilibrium; for reducing anxiety, worry and sadness and much more. How does this happen? To understand the benefits of meditation we must understand the process.

How Mindful Meditation Can Reverse Depression

Millions of people around the world have learned how mindful meditation can reverse depression. Now you can use this powerful tool to vastly improve your quality of life.

Namaste Yoga

Have you ever heard of Namaste yoga? How do you do Namaste yoga? Get the answers to these questions in this article.

The Chakra Systems and Balancing Exercise

This article is a beginners' guide to the main seven chakras, or energy centers of the body, and includes some history and little known facts about the system. The colors, sounds, and musical notes associated with each chakra are described, along with a balancing exercise/meditation.

Online Yoga Classes For All Your Health Woes

Good health is something that each of us, right from the twenty-something youngster to the elderly individual who is low on energy, wishes to possess. However, when it comes to working towards it, few of us have the patience to take out the time required to exercise and keep fit. After all, with the