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How to Remove Dents on Auto Body Panels

For someone with experience working on cars, learning how to remove dents on auto body panels shouldn't be too difficult. Even those new to working on vehicles can get the hang of it. Dents occur on almost every vehicle as some point. Knowing how to repair them yourself can save time and money vs. t

How to Change the Inner Tie Rod on a Ford F150

Ford equipped the F-150 truck with a steering system that includes tie rods (with both inner and outer ends) that connect the wheels to the center link and steering shaft. The inner tie-rod ends connect to the center-link knuckle. Wear over time causes the tie-rod ends to become loose, which adverse

How to Check Honda Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for the moving parts inside your car's transmission. Fluid levels should be checked frequently to maintain the safety and proper working order of your Honda. Consult your vehicle's manual to ascertain how frequently your car's transmission should be serviced. I

How to Install a Tonneau Cover on a Tundra

One advantage to owning a Toyota Tundra is the large payload capacity the truck has, enabling you to carry heavy and large loads in the bed. But unfortunately, that load is susceptible to theft or accidents, because it's completely out in the open. One way to prevent theft or damage, or simply prote

Tips for Automobile Detailing

Detailing your car helps it retain its showroom look.Car washing image by Evgeny Berdjansky from Fotolia.comWhen you detail your car, you are giving it a thorough and deep cleaning. There are tips and tricks to detailing that can help reduce interior wear and add exterior shine. Following...

The DIY Guide to Dodge Control Arms

Dodge vehicles, such as a Dakota or a Ram, make use of a control arm that is located at the bottom of the suspension at the front of the vehicle. The purpose of the control arm is to support the weight of the vehicle under the engine and to support the coil spring. When any component of the control

Most Powerful Battery-Powered Grease Guns

Most mechanics know how difficult it can be getting a traditional grease gun positioned under a car, attached to the lube nipple, and then squeezing a hand-powered pump. Squirting heavy viscosity automotive grease into an automotive fitting is like trying to suck Vaseline through a straw. With the w

How to Clean Yamaha Carburetor

Carburetors have been used in nearly every Yamaha motorcycle produced until the recent replacement by the electronic fuel-injection system on most newer models. The primary role of a carburetor is to provide an efficient ratio of air and fuel to the motor for combustion. Over time, fuel held within

How to Replace a Chrysler Sun Visor

Replacing a the sun visor in a Chrysler is not one uniform process. Depending on the brand, model, and year, the visor may be wired. This might be the case if the visor itself contains any electrical components like a lighted mirror that draws electricity from the car, not an independent set of ba