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How to Make a Crusader Costume

The crusaders were the military force of knights sent by the pope on a Crusade to free the Holy Land from Muslim forces. The Crusades occurred at different points between the years 1095 A.D. and 1291 A.D. A crusader usually wore a uniform of mail with a tunic identifying his family over it. Many cru

How to Set Chimes on a Rhythm Wind Up Clock

Rhythm Clocks is a company that made traditional clocks of all types, from mantle clocks to wall and grandfather clocks. Rhythm clocks with chimes are generally grandfather and wind-up clocks, and include a system of weights and pulleys. The inner mechanisms on Rhythm grandfather clocks regulate the

How to Dry Greenware

Greenware is pottery that has been shaped and designed, but has not yet been fired in a kiln. Many people attempt to dry their greenware by heating it in a kiln. In addition to being costly, this method can also waste electricity and even cause the pottery to combust. Although kilns are a popular me

How to Repair Headstocks on a Double Bass

Double basses are bulky instruments that are not easy to protect from a falling or from banging on low-hanging objects. A lot of damage to the headstock, or scroll, comes in the form of splits in the wood around the area where the scroll joins the neck. Sometimes, the joint is fitted poorly and come

The 5 Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs

What are the best songs Ozzy Osbourne has recorded as a solo artist? Here's some of the definitive tunes that established Ozzy as the Madman of Rock.

The Braking System of the Future?

How are you stopping your new car? What type of brakes are used in the formula 1? What are the newest experiences in the progress of braking systems? And how can we use this information to make our bikes safer?

Guitar Modes and Guitar Improvisation

When it comes to improvisation on the guitar, it helps to understand the major scales modes, and use them as a road map to travel across the fretboard. When I use the term "road map", it's very much like an actual road map. A road map shows you how to get from point "A" to

How to Create a Free Tournament

A tournament can create a sense of competition and entertainment in those who participate. Whether you're holding a pool tournament for eight friends or a poker tournament with the neighbors, these events can be time consuming to plan and end up costing money. To house a free tournament, you don't n

Benefits of meditation

You must have heard that meditation provides you with a number of benefits. But are you aware of these benefits and what transformations can they bring about in your life? I would like to discuss ...

Handicapping Obamacare - What Is Going to Happen?

The unacknowledged elephant in the room remains unaddressed. Unless some magical talisman comes down from the sky to change the health of Americans, at the end of the "transition" every problem of cost and coverage will only be worse.

How to Convert a Trailblazer to a Tent

Increase your living space when camping by converting your Trailblazer into a tent, combining your rugged vehicle with a nylon tent living room. Various brand SUV tents can accommodate the Chevy Trailblazer and follow the same basic instructions. Waterproof floors, weather-resistant walls and a stur

Do Microorganisms in Soil Affect Plant Growth?

Plants take up moisture and nutrients through their root systems. Healthy soils store moisture and nutrients and create a hospitable environment for plant root systems. When plants inhabit a healthy soil, their root systems have access to those elements needed for growth and production. For a soil t