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The Best Foods on a Low Carb Diet

There are certain foods to have on hand for low carb baking, cooking, and eating. Generally, these include dairy products, vegetables, fruits, foods containing protein and fats, and nuts and grains. People on a low carb diet can choose from a wide selection of dairy products, including cottage chees

Drugs Are Not The Only Anxiety Help Available

Just because there are drugs available to help with your anxiety attacks, it doesn't mean they are the only option. There are many natural alternatives available and it is worth your time to at least consider trying some of them before you start taking a concoction of various drugs. The first o

When Trouble Sleeping Leads to Addiction

Sleep is a foundation of good health. When I treat patients, I always emphasize the importance of sleep whether one is recovering from a common cold or from major surgery. Why is sleep so important? Your body requires 7 to 9 hours of rest every night in order to repair and renew all its systems.

Why Is it Important to Educate Children About Smoking?

Teaching your children about the dangers of smoking should begin when they are young. If you think children are too young to talk to about smoking, consider this: every day more than 3,900 children start smoking, according to Kids Health. And 90 percent of adults who smoke picked up the habit as chi

When Your Parent Is Your Nanny

Choosing childcare is one of the most critical decisions in your child's life. Parents are given the opportunity to have a grandparent care for their child. You can work together to create a safe, loving environment for the child.

Building Muscle For a Skinny Guy

No matter how skinny you are and no matter what anyone else may have told you, it is totally possible for skinny guys to build muscle. Not only that, but you can do it all without resorting to taking drugs or spending every minute of your life working out.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks - 5 Steps

Do you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? If you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, it's important to increase your metabolism as well as to add some type of exercising to your fat loss. In this article you can find 5 tips to help you lose 10 pounds successfully.

Male Breast Enhancement

Men wanting to enlarge their breasts now have natural options, just like women do, to achieve larger breasts that fill a bra just like women's breasts do.This article explores the science behind natural male breast enhancement.

How To Prevent Muscle Cramps

There are several ways to prevent muscle cramping. In the short term, when muscle cramps develop, you can massage the affected area or simply stretch it out. In the long run though frequent stretching

5 Effective Tips for Acne Free Skin

Whether it's the gigantic zit that popped up on your nose overnight or the army of blackheads that attacked your chin and had you wishing you didn't have face in the first place, it is undeniable that acne breakouts can be a cause for much discomfort. However as much as we all like to blam

Medicare & Dental Work

As we age, dental care becomes an increasingly important concern, and according to Medical News Today, many elderly Americans avoid the dentist due to the cost. Medicare, the federally administered health care program for elderly and disabled Americans, offers very limited dental services. Though in

Traveling with Diabetes

When traveling with Diabetes Mellitus you must have an action plan, to help others in the plane, train, car, know what to do when a problem a rises.Having diabetes is a big responsibility.Making sure that you are safe as well as the individuals traveling with you.It is best to carry a tight s

The Standard Tummy Tuck in the Extreme Weight Loss Patient

The extra skin and fat around the waistline is usually the most common concern for most extreme weight loss patients. It is the most frequently requested procedure in this patient group and is usually done first in the priority of body contouring procedures. In cases of only moderate skin excess, a