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Childhood Obesity Statistics

Childhood obesity statistics are overwhelming for today's parents. In this article we will examine the causes and effects of childhood obesity. The latest statistics show that 3 out of every 10 children have a weight ...

Exactly Where Does Acai Originate From?

The well-liked fruit that is helping people live a healthier life is called acai berry. There are lots of individuals who currently consume this product in various types which include raw berries, capsules, juices, and powders.

Weight Loss Supplement

First I just checking with the body this didn't stop looking at the video for second here and just paddle defeat and find your dog today just noticed the sensations here him close your eyes ...

The Worst Enemy of Time Management

What's the worst enemy of time management? You may be surprised because many people will also try to tell you how efficient these time thieves are too. It's time to expose these enemies of time management and take control of what is truly important in your life.

Stress and the Super Woman

The author argues that the notion of women being multi-taskers is putting additional stress and extra burden on them. No one is immune to the negative effects of stress and women need to realise that they can be the cause of their own stress if they try taking on too much.

Why You Can't Speed Read

This article will show you the most critical road blocks that are stopping you from reading faster. Learn the strategies on how to avoid and eliminate them. Staying Focused The most critical step in speed ...

How to Make Money Selling Angel Products

It is a little known fact that God does not want you to be poor. Here are two simple ways to make money from his spiritual angels. The methods are simple and the rewards can be a blessing financially and spiritually.

The Right Spirit In Self Development For Positive Sport And Life

What we think is generally reflected in our attitude, behavior and actions. Our thought process is the outcome of our experiences, knowledge and norms of the society. What is running in our mind is reflected in our deeds. Positive mindset can bring the desired changes in the life of an individual. T

The Fat-Burning Weight Loss System

With all the products and weight loss systems on the market that claim to help boost your metabolism, burn belly fat and turn you into a furnace while you sleep; it is easy to feel lost. Is there such a thing as a fat-burning weight loss system? If so, where can you find it?

Steps to Positive Thinking

Thoughts are intangible, yet they affect us deeply and create our realities. It is human nature to be so affected by thoughts because we have an ego whose job it is to create and spread self-doubt and negative thoughts about ourselves.