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How to Plant Potatoes in August

Potatoes are one crop that you can start planting in summer months like August, provided your area doesn't get too hot --- if the temperature doesn't regularly reach 90 degrees or higher. You will need fresh soil that can keep the potato plants cool, and that has not had potatoes grown in it for at

Meaning Behind Flowers - Learn the Meaning Behind Popular Flowers

For a long time, flowers have been associated with a variety of different emotions: from fervent love to respectful sympathy. Despite a long tradition that's been passed down through popular culture and word of mouth, few people truly understand the meaning behind flowers - truly they have a la

How to Store Tubers

A tuber is a fleshy underground stem, such as in the potato, or a root, such as in the dahlia, that is an organ of vegetative reproduction and food storage. Preserving tubers through the winter months is a skill that many have developed by trial and error and out of their sheer passion for gardening

Questions About Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Homes can be heated using outdoor wood furnaces.Jupiterimages/ ImagesOutdoor wood furnaces are installed outside a house. Ducts are run through an outside wall into crawlspaces and basements where they heat floors and water pipes. Most furnaces are used with energy...

How to Convert From Acreage to Square Feet

Originally, an acre was simply the amount of land one man could plow in a day with one ox. Modern-day machinery has made that definition obsolete, and governments have standardized the size. In land surveying, lot and parcel sizes typically are described in terms of acres. For smaller residential lo

What Are the Uses of a Saprolite Stone?

“Saprolite” is an adjective describing a heavily weathered stone. For a stone to be considered “saprolite,” it must have been exposed to the elements for a long time, usually millions of years. Its weathering means that it has become softer and more porous as well as reddish

How to Annihilate Bed Bugs

The presence of bed bugs can transform your cozy sleeping space into an infested site that leaves you not rested in the morning but instead itchy and bite covered. If these creepy crawlers invade your space, you will likely find yourself eager to get rid of them as quickly as possible. To ensure tha

How Long Concrete Tile Roofs Last

Concrete roof tiles cost about twice as much as wood shingles and about three times more than heavyweight asphalt shingles, according to the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI). Nonetheless, the durability and weather resistance that come with concrete tiles are unmatched by many other roofing materials. T

How to Weatherize a Sliding Glass Door

According to the Bonneville Power Administration, as much as 30 percent of energy loss is associated with inadequate weatherization around windows and doors. A sliding glass door looks great and allows a lot of natural light to flow into a room, but it is also a major contribution of energy loss. We

The Use of Portable Air Conditioners

Well, if you have a job which is transferable or you are one of the sorts who does not like staying at one place for long time, imagine how difficult it would be for you to keep transferring your air conditioner from one place to another and then eventually install it at the next place. Have you ima

Crab Grass Prevention

Spring is a time when lawns start their growing season, but it also marks the return of crabgrass, a common weed that spreads quickly and can take over a lawn. There's no way to keep the wind-blown seeds away from your lawn, so the best defense is to keep your lawn healthy and prevent crabgrass from

What Should You Pay For a New Air Conditioner?

Summertime is a time where we can enjoy the wonderful outdoors almost daily. The only problem with this beautiful season is the heat. It creeps up on us outside, as well as inside our own homes. How can we prevent ourselves and our families from overheating? Air conditioner prices may seem a bit exp

How to Reglaze a Counter Top

If you have an old tiled countertop and the tiles are solid and unbroken, but the shine of the glaze has worn off, consider reglazing. You cannot bake the glaze on the way the tile manufacturer did, but you can add a few layers of polyurethane (the same tough gloss covering that is used on wood floo