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Ways to Run 220 Wiring

Running 220-volt wiring depends on whether the wiring is being done in a home or a commercial building. Another aspect of 220-volt wiring that requires consideration is how the 220-volt wiring is attached to the appliance, machinery or other equipment. Different equipment use 220-volt outlets or dir

Best Deals: Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

Buying a cheap memory foam mattress can be challenging at times, particularly if you don't have a lot of money to spend but still want quality. However, you can still get a quality mattress w

Types of Gas Boilers

Homeowners thinking about getting a gas boiler for their home should know that there are several different types of boilers currently available. Read on to know more.

Spas, Pools, and Hot Tubs

Everyone knows the difference between a spa, a swimming pool, and a hot tub but little do they know that swimming pool chemicals are very similar to spa chemicals and the chemicals for hot tubs. They all make use of algaecides, chlorine or bromine products, cleaning products, flocculants, water bala

Blight on a Fir's Needles

Fir trees, like other conifers, are subject to certain pests and pathogens. The presence of blight tends to dry and discolor the needles, often starting near the tips of the outer needles and gradually spreading throughout the boughs, eventually killing the entire tree. Fungal infections are respons

Benefits of Studying Stamps Before Purchasing Them

Philately is basically the study of stamps, but a philatelist does not have to collect the stamps they study nor do they have to research the stamps they collect. However, collecting is not the same as philately due to the casual collector enjoys accumulating their stamps without having to worry abo

How to Splice a Plank Fence

It might be less expensive to splice that broken plank in your fence, rather than replace it completely. If the broken plank poses a danger to livestock or children then splicing the plank should be your first priority. A fence splice involves attaching a small piece of plank to the two broken ends

Borax to Clean Silver

Both borax and silver minerals are mined in the United States. Borax is recommended as a low-cost, "green" method for cleaning silver. Silver is a soft metal, so avoid the use of an abrasive cleaner.

Save Money - Quick Fixes For Your Washing Machine

Thinking of splashing out to get your appliances repaired? Stop! Many common home appliance problems can be solved cheaply and quickly by you. Even if you don't know a phillips from a flat head, this handy guide could have you washing again in minutes.

How to Install a Shower Without Cutting Into the Wall

If you live in an apartment or rent your home, you know how hard it is to make any kind of changes without violating your agreement. Remodeling is out of the question, but what if you want a shower in your bathroom instead of your bathtub? Learn how to install a shower without making any changes to

Custom Carpentry Finishing Techniques

Custom carpentry comes in many forms, from simple bookcases, to elegant staircases and furniture. An important part of these projects, is to finish them with the right sheen and color to match the area where they will be displayed or installed. It is also essential to make sure the finished product

Carbon Water Filters for Iron Removal

Iron contamination in private well water systems can be very commonplace. It is typically found in shallow drilled wells and is present as a mineral in the surrounding soil. In most cases the iron can be treated and removed from the water through a series of treatments and the addition of water filt

How to Buy Old Silver Trays

Old silver trays make a charming addition to any home and can enhance the visual appeal of any space. Whether you have an antique tea set you would like to display, or you are looking for a novel way to keep household keys organized and easy to find, silver trays are an excellent choice.