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The Symptoms & Causes of Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a canine illness that often affects dogs that are in a kennel or dog shelter, but can be caught easily from other dogs. It is much like the common cold in humans and can be contracted easily. However, many treatments are available to rid the dog of the infection that is causing cough

What Are the Most Common Dog Diseases?

If you are the dog owner then you should know what are the most common dog diseases and what kind of symptoms may show up. They get sick similar to individuals and a number of the most common dog illnesses are similar to these affecting humans.

Become a Proud Dog Owner With the Best Dog Training Book

Folks who love animals always have a special place in their heats for dogs, and intelligent dog owners will make sure to properly train their dog to guarantee a healthy long-term relationship with their pets. Many things can go incorrect if you are raising a dog in your house, and you will have to b

Happy Whole Wheat Dog Kibble

The Happy Whole Wheat Dog Kibble is a great way to give your dog the proper nutrients that he needs that commercial dog food does not offer. Many dog owners are not comfortable making raw or soft foods for their puppy.

How to Groom the Eye of a Yorkie

A Yorkie, also known as a Yorkshire terrier, is a purebred dog in the toy dog category. Yorkies are popular at dog shows and with urban owners who do not have large yards or spaces for a bigger breed. The Yorkie has a long, silky coat similar to human hair. The coat grows quickly and can cover the e

Liver Disfunction in Dogs

The liver is the organ responsible for processing waste in the body, and liver dysfunction is a serious issue for dogs. Some breeds that are prone to liver dysfunction include the doberman, the miniature schnauzer, and the West Highland terrier, but all dogs can suffer from it. Understanding more ab

How to Rehabilitate Your Rescue Dog

While adopting a rescue dog is both rewarding and commendable, it can require a lot of work. Rescue dogs may have suffered neglect, abuse or abandonment. This means that your new dog may come with bad or strange behaviors. These dogs require more than just physical training; they require psychologic

Natural Anxiety Medications for Dogs

Many dogs suffer from anxiety even in the absence of real threats. Some, for example, experience terror whenever they are left alone. Others may be terrified of thunder or of strangers. Regardless of its cause, canine anxiety can make life difficult for both a dog and its owner.Natural

How to Approach a Shy or Fearful Dog

What should you do if you encounter a shy or fearful dog? Learn the best way to approach a shy or fearful dog to help him overcome his fears.

5 Steps to Ending Dog Anxiety Diarrhea

When you saw the guilty look on your dog's face as she slinked out of the kitchen you knew something was up. Then came that all too familiar stench of doggy doo - in the kitchen of all places. You thought her problem with dog anxiety diarrhea was all over, but now its all over the kitchen. Here

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog in the Winter

For some people, the signal of first snow is a signal for the onset of cabin fever.There is no reason to punish our pets for the sudden downturn in weather though.In fact, many dogs are perfectly suited for fun and frolicking in the winter months.

How to Wean & Feed Puppies

As with humans, puppies need to wean off their mother's milk. If the mother is still present, she will start the weaning process herself. As the caretaker of the dog, you need to provide an alternative source of food that both the mother and the puppies recognize. When the puppies are two weeks old,

Jack Russell Terriers Have Naturally Assertive Terrier Characteristics

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs are absolutely bursting with energy. They possess a ready attitude, alertness, confidence, and great strength and endurance. These kinds are also characterized as happy, bold, energetic and their greatest attribute is their working ability possibly followed by their excelle

Heat Stroke In Dogs Happens Fast And Is Deadly

Humidity interferes with your pet's ability to eliminate body heat, raising the risk of heat stroke in dogs, and animals in general. Avail your pet of thermoregulating cooling jackets and pet beds.

A Golden Retriever Breeder - The Best For Pet Lovers

After so much research and investigation, I am convinced that having a golden retriever at home would be amazing. If you are in search for the right or appropriate dog, you also have to take in consideration how they were grown and raised.