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Devising Dog Training Aids For Protection Training

Training a dog for protection purposes requires a dog to undergo extensive training from a very early age. A dog which is required to be trained to be employed for protection needs to have very high level of obedience training. The requirement arises from the need to be in total control of his aggre

Cat Facts I Never Knew Before

There are almost more cats in America than there are people. Well, not really. The number of cats in the United States is currently estimated to be approximately 75 million, but if they ever decide to join forces and revolt, the cat lovers of the world may be faced with a really big problem.

Do You Need a Cat Flap?

You may be considering buying a cat flap, you might still be wondering whether you should actually install a cat flap or not, never mind thinking about type of cat flap to buy if you do decide on getting one. This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of cat flaps to help you make up

How To Choose a Cat

Cats can be mysterious animals who seem to be complex. While caring for a cat takes responsibility and time, they are mush less emotionally needy than dogs, and they don't reveal as much emotion. There are plenty of people out there who prefer cats over dogs for pets.

5 Most Common Dog Training Problems

It is a joy to own a dog, but they are a lot of work when it comes to training. You know what I mean. They start off as cute puppies and if you don't train them right, they can pick up some pretty bad, and sometimes dangerous, habits. Let's look at what the 5 most common dog training probl

Dogs Have Needs Too!

So, you are thinking about getting a puppy, or maybe you have already brought home a cute little bundle of four-legged joy. For a puppy to become and remain a behaviorally well-balanced and thriving adult dog...

Finding Havanese Puppies For Sale

Havanese puppies are popular choice of dogs for families because of their size and temperament. If you are looking for pure-bred Havanese puppies for sale, the best place to look is an online pet store features dogs from breeders around the country. There are several things to consider before you co

An Owner's Guide to Ear Polyps in Cats

Ear polyps in cats are benign growths in the middle ear, close to the ear drum, or in the back of the throat. This condition is very rare. When it does, it can affect cats of any age or sex. However, cats no older than four years old are usually affected.

Make A Cat Tree From A Ladder

Can you make a cat tree from a ladder? This is the question a friend of mine recently asked me after she mentioned a photo she'd seen of kitty play gym someone had made from a wooden ladder. Well, sure you can.

Heartworm Medicine For Cats

The use of preventive heartworm medicine in your cat is very important, since it effectively helps to keep heartworm disease at bay. When this disease spreads the end result is very uncomfortable for your cat and may result in death.Heartworm disease is so-named because adult worms live in the right

Understanding Why Dogs Bark

Taking on a dog is a big responsibility. Aside from feeding and caring for the dog an owner has to put up with the rather quaint characteristics of the dog. Dogs bark. While some dogs are relatively quiet, some breeds are natural barkers. This is one of the reasons why many dogs end up in shelters.

Dog Trainer Advice: How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

When your dog just will not stop digging you have to start dog training to get him to stop. Holes make your yard look unsightly and it is but if you are a renter, this can be a reason to get you evicted. Your dog has absolutely no idea that digging is bad so it is up to you to let him know. So, you

Can Honey Cure Dog Allergies?

If dog allergies are plaguing your dog, you may be able to help relieve her suffering with a spoonful of honey. Local honey that is. If your pet is suffering from dog allergies caused by the seasons and the environment--local plants and trees--local honey may make a difference.