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Problems With Skin Cancer in Dogs

Dogs face image by adrian stones from Fotolia.comSkin cancer is more common in elderly dogs. As your dog ages his cells become more susceptible to mutations and changes from the sun. Take your dog to the veterinarian for regular appointments and note any changes in his skin. Crusty...

Puppy Potty Training in a Box

Potty training a puppy frustrates many new dog owners. A great way to eliminate a lot of the aggravation is to use a potty training box. You can use a box no matter where you live. Using a puppy potty training box gives your puppy an appropriate place to go when you can't be there to take them outsi

Dog Health Spotlight - Heartworm Disease

I want to make you aware of the threat that Heartworm poses to you puppy. While easily prevented, it often goes overlooked buy pet owners and in a lot of cases is caught when it is too late.

Smile and Say "Bark"

Every dog lover enjoys pictures of dogs just being dogs. Even people who don't own dogs like to look at pictures of dogs. If you can show people your dog through your eyes, your dog will be a star.

Dog Life Jackets - Protect Your Dog With a Life Jacket

Dogs love the outdoors, or at least the ones I know. The point is, dog breeders and owners enjoy taking their dogs on outdoor activities and these activities involve a trip to the park, playground, or beach and even on climbing and boating expeditions. Some breed of dogs loves the water such as Labr

The Necessity of Keeping Your Dog Fed Right This Winter

Is your dog putting on 'winter weight'? It could be a lack of exercise, it could be more treats, or a heavy dose of leftovers available at the house. We will discuss the right way to feed your dog and keep him healthy in the winter months.

Building a Large Dog House - Free Large Dog House Plans

With the little messes and the odd chewing that goes with having a dog, these tend to maximized with a huge dog inside your home. Many pet owners shudder at the thought of their pet living outdoors, but if you provide the right kind of doghouse your big darling can be safe, warm and dry.

How to Revive a Drowning Puppy

Performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, on your puppy can be a frightening experience. It is important to remain calm and first access if your puppy requires this procedure. Administer CPR on your drowning puppy only if you cannot see or hear any heartbeat and if she has stopped breath

Information on Training Puppies Not to Bark

There are two important reasons for training your puppy not to bark. Puppies have a bark unique to them, a demand for attention and play. If ignored or rewarded, such barks will become incessant and annoying. Even more importantly, training your puppy not to bark is an ideal way to establish your au

Dog Training - Biting and How to Deal With It

To be able to efficiently start your dog training, biting, digging, going potty, barking etc, it is essential to understand the reason behind our dog's behavior. Once understood bad behavior is much easier curbed.

How to Train a Deaf & Rowdy Dog

Training any dog is a challenge, especially when your dog is young, rowdy and full of energy. Training a deaf dog is even harder: How will he hear your commands? So it may seem as if training a deaf and rowdy dog would be nearly impossible. The good news is with a little extra creativity, training a

How to Calculate When Puppies Are Due

You have a lot to accomplish before your dog has her puppies. She must have the healthiest diet you can provide and you should take her to the vet regularly to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. You also need to prepare a place for your dog to have her puppies, learn all you can abou

What Makes Dalmatians Fire Station Dogs?

Dalmatians are large, long-legged dogs that are known for the distinctive black spots on their otherwise white bodies. The tradition of the dalmatian at the fire station goes back to the times when fire wagons were drawn by horses, but it continues to this day. Today, the dalmatian is an easily reco

Dog Behavior Training

Just like raising a child, they need supervision, training and PARENTING. Although training a puppy takes patience, it does not have to be an ordeal if you follow this advice.

Learning About Clicker Training Dogs

When a you bring home a puppy, or a very young dog, you should understand that there is a lot of training to be done. This cute little animal does not have habits that need to be learned. You can think of them as having a blank mind upon which you are responsible for teaching the do's and don&a

Omega Supplements for Dogs

Omega fatty acids play essential roles in many of your dog's metabolic processes. They improve immune, cellular and neurological function. Dogs must get omega-6 from their diet, says Dr. T.J. Dunn, Jr., of They can manufacture omega-3, another essential fatty acid, from the dietary

Are Siberian Huskies Dangerous Dogs?

Coming on the scene in 1908 in the United States for the All Alaska Sweepstakes Dog Sled Race, the Siberian husky has a genetic fingerprint that is closer to the wolf than any other dog, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Since the Siberian husky was bred to be a working dog, and