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Video: How to Access an AIM Friend Finder on Facebook

Video Transcript Hey, everyone. My name is Anders, and today we're going to talk about finding your AOL instant messenger friends on Facebook. It's actually pretty simple. As you can see I've just logged in and I'm going to navigate to the box at the top of the page and I'm going to...

Why Is My PC Download Speed So Slow?

There are times when downloading a file that your download speed seems inadequate. Unfortunately, pinpointing the exact reason for the slowdown can be a bit tricky, because there are many culprits. It could be hardware, type of connection or connection speed. It could even be the speed of the comput

High Speed of Internet and Wireless

The Internet Service Provider or ISP refers to any company that provides Internet services which includes individual and business access to Internet. Apart from basic internet connectivity,company mostly offer related Internet services such as email ...

Home Air Filters

The Filtrete Residence Scent Heater Air Filter- 20 x 20 x one characteristics activated carbon engineering together with electrostatically charged fibres to supply high end air filtering at home. This Filtrete air-filter can eliminate common ...

A Review on E-marketing services

Nowadays having online presence is essential as it enables a marketer to enter the world of cyber market. An online presence equips a marketer to enter and explore more business opportunities and bett

How to Close an Event Calendar on Google Chrome

Google Calendar is a service provided by Google that lets you create and organize multiple calendars for different subjects or needs. When viewing your Google Calendar home page, you can enable and disable calendars. Closing a calendar hides the events from that calendar so you can get a better look

Utilizing An SEO Company

There are times in everyday life where you are not able to go it alone. This is true in business where strategic relationships are often necessary for an endeavor to be successful. For people involved ...

How to Make My Own Extended Network Banner for MySpace

Extended network banners are basically decorative virtual banners which are used for advertisement or entertainment purposes on MySpace. They can either be premade or customized. Customized extended network banners rely on a template which you can use to create your own design. Once the extended net

How to Build the Best Internet Surfing PC

We live in a time where it is possible to stay up to date on the news, keep track of finances, shop, play games and even hold down a full-time job using only a computer connected to the World Wide Web. When building a computer, it is important to make sure you can browse the Internet as fast and as