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How to Burn a Movie From an AT&T U-Verse DVR

You can create your own copies of recordings on your AT&T U-Verse DVR by connecting it to a DVD-recorder. DVD-recorders provide the same function as VCRs, but write the video to a DVD rather than a VHS tape. Once the files are burned to the DVD, you can feel free to make room on your DVR for mor

iPad Skins

Purchasing an iPad skin comes with great benefits. Some of the benefits of a skin include protection, style, customization, and personality. An iPad skin is more than just a way to spice up your device. ...

Mobile Phones: A Fashion Statement

Earlier mobile phones used to be bulky handsets with expensive service plans and high call charges. People used to show off their mobile phones to the world to gain attention or to just show that they are not left behind.

DIY Camera Gear

There are many pieces of camera gear that can be constructed by the do-it-yourselfer. Many of these items are related to mounting the camera or providing lighting for the shot. Seldom do do-it-yourself projects involve the actual works of the digital or film camera. The DIY camera goodies are more o


Define mailtools - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Branded USB Drives

Branded USB drives are a great solution to help market and brand a business, company, or person. The practice of branding products is not a new one. But as new technologies come out, we figured out that we need to brand them as well.

Functions of a Tape Recorder

A casette tape, in which magnetic tape is moved by rotating two reels.tapes used to record media image by Vasiliy Koval from Fotolia.comA tape recorder uses a ribbon of magnetic tape, passed at a steady speed across an electrical device that alters the shape and orientation of magnetic...

Quicken 2005 Install Problems

Quicken 2005 is a financial management program and is an update of Quicken 2004. Installation problems with the software can be caused by several things, including upgrading from a previous version of Quicken.

The Best Spam Filters for Protecting Your Computer

In today's corporate and business driven world, using email and surfing on the web is more common than ever. Millions of sites are visited everyday and thousands of emails can be sent each day by just one company. The vast number of people that are surfing the web and sending emails greatly inc