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How to Print Border 5x7 Greeting Cards on the Epson Stylus 1400

The Epson Stylus 1400 is known for its large-size prints, delivering high-definition photos at up to 13 by 19 inches in size. You can also print smaller photos and cards with or without a border using the Epson Stylus 1400. The printer has an adjustable tray and software presets for documents as sma

How to Convert Real Video to an MP4

The Real Video file format (.rv) can be converted to MP4 using a number of different free video converter programs, such as AVS Video Converter, Any Video Converter and even the Real Media Player itself (see Resources). The Real Video format is designed to be played on the Real Media Player, and as

How to Add Background Music to Webpages

Music on a website can help keep visitors' attention by engaging the senses of both sight and sound. Used properly, music conveys a mood that fits the theme of a site. There are several ways that you can add sound to a Web page. For example, you can use hyperlinks that a visitor can click to play mu

What Is Expected From Requirement Management Tools?

People are unaware of the fact that requirements gathering tools are very competent and potent. These tools can be customized and designed as per organizations policies and procedures.Unfortunately, many organizations are still not able to use these tools completely. This could be because of lacking

Know How iPhone Application Development Can Be Done Smoothly

Despite the growing popularity of Android, iPhone application development is still effective in increasing business reviews. Many reports have also highlighted that the amazing world of iPhone apps further contributes towards the popularity of the ...

How to Use Microsoft Outlook With Juno

Microsoft Outlook is one of the world's most widely used personal information management applications. Included in the Microsoft Office suite of productivity products, Outlook is best known for its ability to send, receive, manage and search email messages. Though most often used by large businesses

The Pros And Cons Of Flight X Simulator

Flight X simulator is one of the many simulation softwares which are available if you are looking to learn flying, or may be just trying to find top shelf gaming experience. Microsoft, the licensed manufacturer of this program claims that FXS has the smoothest graphical experience and a seamless gam

How to Use Electronic Index Cards

Flash cards help students study math, vocabulary and any other subject. By using repetition, you can memorize subject matter needed to pass an exam or prepare for a presentation. Electronic flash cards have put index cards on the back burner. Children create, access and study the cards on the Intern

How to Downgrade to Silverlight 3

Silverlight is Microsoft's tool for delivering rich Internet applications and media. As a plug-in, it enables Web browsers to display online video and graphics. As with any software, new versions usually bring new features and bug fixes. These updates also may cause problems for some users. Issues w

What Is the Pathway to Edit Excel in Word?

Users of Microsoft Office 2007 enjoy the benefits of using the different applications together to create documents. Using Excel with Word allows spreadsheets from Excel to be included within a Word document. Editing Excel objects within a Word document makes using the two applications simple and ef