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How to Remove Windows Antivirus Popups

Windows Antivirus pop-ups are generated by the Windows Antivirus Pro rogue anti-virus program. These pop-ups are designed to scare you into purchasing the "full version" of Windows Antivirus Pro. Generally, the pop-ups include a list of viruses that your computer is supposedly infected with. In real

E-mail flyers: Revolutionizing Online Marketing

The ubiquitous paper pamphlet will perhaps never die out. Handed out at shopping arenas, distributed with newspapers, dropped in mailboxes " flyers are around everywhere. Now it has an electronic counterpart " the email flyer ...


Define BWCC - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Video Marketing 102

In my last article I talked about video marketing and various statistics that indicate that video marketing is an important tool in marketing your business online today. I also listed out 6 different types of ...

florists online

shipping blossoms or presents to any part of the globe these days is exceedingly easy. This can be assigned to the advent of the Net after which the business of delivering fresh blossoms to overseas ...

How to Connect an Older Bose System to an iPod

The iPod MP3 player features portable playback for your digital media files. While the device was originally developed for personal use, a range of accessories are available that allow you to play the songs and videos on the iPod through different stereo systems. Even if you have an older Bose syste

Why Is My Server Certificate Button Disabled?

Microsoft offers a service called the Certificate Wizard which is used in conjunction with Microsoft's Internet Information Services. Sometimes, when users try to generate a certificate request using this service, they are unable to find the Server Certificate button.

Choppy Video Streaming on an XP

If you observe choppy video streaming on your Microsoft XP operating system, simple tasks like removing unnecessary programs, deleting files and deactivating background processes can boost general operations and indirectly improve video streaming. But more focused techniques like upgrading Internet

How to Make the White Background on a Logo Go Away With Photoscape

Photoscape is a free photo-editing software. The editor in Photoscape allows users to form logos by adding images and text. When creating logos in any software, graphic designers often change white backgrounds of logos to color backgrounds or to transparent backgrounds, meaning they remove the backg

How to Rename the Start Menu for My Music in Windows 7

My Music is the name of a default folder in the Windows 7 operating system. The folder is commonly used to store your audio files. The folder can be placed in the Windows "Start" menu for easy access. Additionally, once in the "Start" menu, the My Music folder can be renamed.

Why Go for Open Source Software

The free software movement was launched in 1983. In 1998, a group of individuals advocated that the term free software be replaced by open source software (OSS) as an expression which is less ambiguou

Sales With Responsive Web Design

With Responsive web design, the layout that best suits the device is shown on the screen. The menus, images and content can be reshaped to display in a friendly manner that fits the screen.

How to Use Activity Monitor to Track Memory Use in OS X

Using Activity Monitor to Track Memory Usage: It can sometimes be difficult to get your head around OS X memory usage, especially when it comes time to consider upgrades for your Mac. Will adding more memory provide a significant performance increase? That's a question I often hear, so let&apos

JBL Reference 610 Wireless iPod Headphones Review

It only makes sense that, in our increasingly wireless world, many iPod users will soon be using wireless iPod headphones. To that end, more and more wireless headphones are hitting the market, and JBL’s new Reference 610 Bluetooth wireless headphones, though I have a few quibbles with them, t

What Are HDMI Ports?

High-definition multimedia interface ports are found on nearly all modern pieces of home theater gear. Without these ports and the attached electronics, the cables would be useless. Discussing what these ports do, and how their importance is critical to HDMI-based systems, is critical to understan