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Goa Land of Adventure Sports

When we think of Goa the first thing that comes to our mind is the sun and sand coupled with an easy going lifestyle. Although these things have long been luring tourists from all parts of the world,

Goa Beaches - Calangute Beach

Located on the shores of Arabian sea, Calangute beach is also referred as "Queen of beaches". Calangute seems to be a distortion of the local vernacular word - Koli-gutti, which means land of fisherman. It is globally popular for its spectacular beauty and charm. Enjoy the sandy pleasure o

Boston's Museum of Science

The science museum of Boston is an unique thing in its contemporaries besides the position, it is having as one of the leading museums in the world. The uniqueness comes in the fact that it has got more than five hundred interactive objects by which one can learn the things in a continuous process.

Thailand - The Peaceable Kingdom

Back in 1939 the Kingdom of Siam changed its name to Thailand, which means "The Land of the Free". While the king is still in place and generally beloved, the government is now a constitutional monarchy. The country is among the most beautiful and interesting in all of Asia, and certainly

Mosaic in Pompeii Ruins

Yet one of the most interesting among the small floor mosaics of Pompeii away from the concept of mosaic composition intended as decoration. Originally placed in the middle of the floor of a bedroom, this ...

Famous People from Southampton

There have been a number of famous and accomplished people who were either born in Southampton or who have lived there at some point in their lives, many of Southampton's illustrious sons hail from th

Motels in Union Co., Tennessee

Motels in Union County, Tenn., tend to be family-friendlysteeplechase,clouds,mountain,nashville,tennessee,t image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comUnion County, Tenn., is a great place for a family vacation or romantic getaway. It offers a lot of history in areas like the Cumberland Gap...

The Charm of Tasmania

What is in Tasmania that would make it an easy choice for a travel destination? Picture a landscape of serenity offering nature­s occasional ferocity coming from the wild waters for white water rafting, surfing, diving ...

Hotels in Magee, MS

Select Magee hotels feature work areas.hotel room image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comLocated in southern central Mississippi, Magee is a small city in Simpson County. It is less than 45 minutes from Jackson, Laurel and Hattiesburg, and is a popular stopping point in the area for...

Hotels in Definace, Ohio

Defiance, Ohio is located at the juction of the Auglaize and Maumee Rivers.bridge over the ohio image by Dawn Williams from Fotolia.comDefiance is a city located in Defiance County, Ohio. Situated at the junction of the Auglaize and Maumee Rivers, the city is home to several historic...

Heather Cross - Your Guide to New York City Travel

Heather Cross has been's New York City Travel Expert since 2002. Heather explores her hometown so she can give you the best first-hand advice possible. You might even spot her running around New York City -- she's always visiting museums, taking guided tours and eating at grea

How Can You Assure Travel Safety As a Female Traveler?

Even the self-assured women of today can become vulnerable when faced with the option of traveling on her own. Still, if you are a female and you are to travel alone, there is absolutely no need for you to depend on another person to help get through the journey, because all you need is to properly